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TechGrow, controlled growth processes

If you grow marijuana indoors, technology helps you improve growth processes in the best possible way. Many growers are now familiar with techniques for controlling

The most sought-after clones. (Part 2)

Hello, dear friends of this wonderful community. As promised in the previous issue, I will be presenting four clones listed among the ones most sought

Understanding and Measuring pH

What is pH? This is a question that usually makes new growers scratch their heads and reach for the pipe. pH applies to the level

Guano Is The Way To Go

There are lots of people who have tried their hand at growing with guano, and there are many who have failed for a few simple

Tweaking bud potency using light

Tweaking bud potency using light

People used to think that plants were vegetables; that they have no way of reacting quickly to their environment, and were more like couch potatoes

Combating Nutrient Deficiencies

Not every nutrient solution on the market today will be able to cover every base when it comes to nutrient completeness. Try to find a

Top Tips On Choosing A Grow Light

Top Tips On Choosing A Grow Light

Replicating the great outdoors, indoors is just the flick of a switch away. Deciding which grow light is best suited for your project can be

Top Tips On The Root Zone

Top Tips On The Root Zone

Growing Cannabis is not always about what you can see above the growing medium, however understanding what is making all that magic above happen in

Mobile and Immobile Nutrients

The majority of nutrient deficiencies and excesses can be avoided by keeping a few simple environmental factors in check including air circulation, ventilation, temperature and

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