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Lemon Zkittle®

Grower Dutch Passion
Website Dutch Passion
This indica/sativa feminized photoperiod variety has THC levels of over 20% and uses genetics from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was crossed with a prized Zkittlez parent. The most potent offspring which was remarkably stress resistant, was the yellow lemon zkittle phenotype. She produces heavy yields, a fresh lemon aroma and bright green and yellow buds in bloom. The Zkittlez parent variety is one of the best USA varieties, selling for up to $35/g with some of the highest THC levels we have seen. Lemon Zkittle® is easy to grow with exceptional resin production, a sour citrus aroma and fantastically strong buds. She is around 60% sativa, medium height and takes 9-10 weeks in bloom with XL yields. Bred for potency with a fresh lemon taste, one of our most potent creations ever. Lemon Zkittle® is easy to grow under a wide range of conditions and growing mediums, as well as being one of the most potent modern varieties she is uncomplicated to cultivate and will reward growers with rock hard buds with an extremely strong euphoric smoke/vape.


Grower Elite Seeds
Website Elite Seeds
Novarine from ÉLITE SEEDS is the first marihuana variety rich in THCV and THC available on the market. This novel variety was found by serendipity during the quest for new sources of high quality cannabis strains, both in resine as in CBD terpene content. We didn’t conform ourselves with the Diesel CBD, the only CBD rich genetic source that the majority used at that moment. As such we decided a couple of years ago to sow massively our seeds, coming from very distinct genetic origins, that we have been collecting since we opened our first grow shop in 1999 in Valencia, Kanopia.

With our own lab at our disposition we analysed the cannabinoid contents of a huge quantity of different cannabis strains. This made us discover on the one hand a new genetic source for CDB rich marihuana (Asia CBD), which we used for our Solodiol strain and on the other hand a genetic source rich in THCV and CBDV.

After several genetic crosses with our Thai genetics, to improve the agronomic properties and to stabilise the THCV rich characteristics in all descendents, we present proudly our newest marihuana variety: Novarine THCV Rich.

Novarine (20% Indica and 80% Sativa) posesses a taste of conifer, pine and has a final touch of aniseed. It is a strong and resistant plant, easy to cultivate, very productive and forms buds in 9/10 weeks after sowing.

With a cannabinoid content of 10% of THCV and 8% of THC, the most remarkable aspect is its ultra lucid effect, forget about those red eyes! And most curiously, as an antagonist of THC it not only reduces apetite, it even inhibits apetite. As a result, this property will be very useful for those who want to avoid munchies, the so-called hunger attacks associated with the consumption of THC rich varieties.

The pharmaceutical industry is very interested in these little known cannabinoids. And we, ÉLITE SEEDS, are transgressors given that we are making these peculiar cannabinoids accessible to all autocultivators, both for those who consider themselves mainly as ludical users as for those who focus specifically on wellbeing.

Mango Sapphire

Grower Humboldt Seeds Organization
Website Humboldt Seeds Organization
Belong to an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis strain that originates from the cross between a Bubba’s Gift and an elite clone of OG/Afghan X. All their hard work was aimed at obtaining an outstanding Indica seed overflowing with colours, exoticism and potent calming properties suitable for medical use.

This Indica-dominant hybrid boasts comprehensive organoleptic properties, offering a fruity flavour and aroma, as well as an effect that opens the door to infinite recreational and therapeutic possibilities. Mango Sapphire marijuana seeds grow in a small, vigorous and fast-flowering plant with a high production of compact buds as hard as iron which acquire extraordinary red/lavender hues during the flowering.

Mango Sapphire performs well in indoor reduced spaces but it prefers dry/temperate/sunny/Mediterranean climates as well as the cosy atmosphere of the greenhouse. To make sure the best results are obtained, it is highly important to use tutors for holding its branches during the flowering. This cannabis seed will undoubtedly delight Indica lovers and connoisseurs.

Mango Sapphire will surprise you with its intense fruity flavour and aroma, with nuances of tropical fruits, coconut, mango and sour fruits. Typically Indica, its effect is calming but very potent and long-lasting. This seed is a clear must-have in the collection of those passionate about classic Indica seeds and therapeutic strains.

Royal Gorilla

Grower Royal Queen Seeds
Website Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla: The King Kong Cannabis To Rule Them All


“Great googly moogly, this is good ganja” might just be your last coherent words before Royal Gorilla gets a hold of you. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the most wanted outlaw marijuana, Royal Gorilla. The master breeders at RQS have fine-tuned the gooiest ganja of a generation to create a cannabis cryptid. Derived from an accidental crossing of the dankest West Coast genetics, this Glue is a genuine freak of nature.

An awesome 30% THC is the ultimate prize if you’ve got the green fingers to exploit the most out of Royal Gorilla’s King Kong-sized potential. Most phenos will fall within the 24–26% THC range, but there is always an outside chance of pheno-hunting “the one”. Regardless, even the most demanding connoisseur with the tolerance of a veteran fire-breather will be impressed by the potency of Royal Gorilla.

Taming this beast is best accomplished with early pruning and training. Practised hands-on growers will pull down the heaviest harvests utilising LST and/or the ScrOG method. Royal Gorilla can be a big producer outdoors in warmer climates. However, indoor growers will need to work a little harder for that heavyweight harvest.

After 8–9 weeks of flowering, followed by a slow drying stage and careful curing, Royal Gorilla will reward you with the stickiest, resin-coated nugs chock full of THC. A blast of this pungent piney brain fog will blast you off high before a powerful, near-narcotic couchlock glides you down for landing on the sofa. Royal Gorilla will grip you like a puny human in King Kong’s clenched fist. But in a good way.

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