Tyson 2.0 to launch in New York.

Liz Filmer
20 Oct 2023

Mike Tyson is trying out cannabis products as he levels up his re-launched canna-business with an incoming New York launch.

The lucrative brand, Tysons second canna business endeavour is already stocked in more than 100,000 retailers in a total of 40 states and 17 countries and is now set to hit New York later this year. 

Mike Tyson and Chad Bronstein founded the $ 400 million company in October 2021. It successfully made its mark in both the U.S. and international markets within its first 12 months. Tyson has been very vocal in recent years about what cannabis means to him.

"Cannabis has always played an essential role in my life. It has changed me for the good, both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief." 

Tyson 2.0 CEO Adam Wilks credits Tyson's work ethic and solid belief in the product as a big part of their success. Wilks recently revealed on the ES Fancast how he and Tyson would 'get together every Sunday to try dozens of strains, hashes, rosins, concentrates and edibles'.

"Mike is always a part of the R&D process. When we launched Tyson 2.0, we'd get together every Sunday and try dozens of different strains, hashes, rosins, and edibles. It's authentic and he approves every product personally before launch."

Tyson 2.0 hit the headlines in March 2022 when Mike approved gummies shaped like Evander Holyfield's ear and confirmed their general release!

The gummies were shaped like an ear with a chunk missing in a nostalgic cheeky nod to the infamous boxing incident where Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during their legendary 1997 fight.

Tyson initially fought Holyfield back in 1996 to defend his WBA heavyweight title. Holyfield was victorious in the eleventh round, but Tyson complained about head-butting throughout the match. In response, a re-match finally happened the following year.

Tyson was out for revenge now and went as far as to bite Holyfield's ear twice, leaving a chunk of his ear on the ring floor and earning himself a disqualification.

The historical incident wasn't so funny at the time, however. It cost the undisputed heavyweight champion his boxing license and an estimated $3m fine. However, he seems to have turned the incident into a lucrative opportunity now.

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