Mike Tyson's Transition to Weed Icon

Liz Filmer
30 Jun 2022

Mike Tyson is a boxer, cannabis entrepreneur and pop-culture icon who became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at just 20. He was also the only heavyweight to successfully hold and unify the WBA, WBC and IBF titles. It's also his birthday today, June 30th, so we thought we would do a well-deserved tribute piece to him.

The most ferocious fighter to ever step into a ring, Tyson won 16 of his first 28 professional bouts via first-round knockout and has been the subject of public fascination ever since. 

Although his boxing career is now behind him, he has made credible strides in a new industry, re-entering the commercial cannabis market in 2021 with Tyson 2.0, his new cannabis brand.

Tyson's childhood was traumatic. He began robbing and fighting by the age of 12. When he wasn't on the streets he spent most of his early life in and out of prison. However, after a fateful introduction to boxing legend Constantine "Cus" D'Amato at 14, Tyson says that he always knew he'd become heavyweight champion of the world.

Tyson credits this incredible feat in part to daily affirmations that helped him develop confidence. Tyson says that the practice is essential if you want to succeed.

"I strongly believe that confidence breeds success and success brings confidence. And if you use confidence and apply it correctly, [you] will supersede a genius. There's nothing more powerful than confidence." 

This formula has certainly worked for him not only in the ring but also in the cannabis industry. He has not been deterred after the winding up of his first foray into legal weed with the Tyson Ranch brand. Started in 2017 "Tyson Ranch" had a full product line and even an ambitious plan of opening a weed-orientated resort. Sadly "bad management" stopped all that, but now Tyson is back bigger than ever with 2.0!

For this collaboration, Tyson has partnered up with Columbia Care Inc. A New York company that owns a chain of dispensaries U.S wide. Tyson 2.0 products have been sold through Columbia Cares' national dispensary network and other retail partners since 2021.

Tyson is very vocal when it comes to cannabis. He is one of the best advocates out there. He truly believes in it as a medicine that can change others' lives, just like it has changed his. 

"I haven't been to jail. I haven't been in an argument. [You] haven't read about me doing anything... and that was every day before the medicine. I just can't believe who I am right now. I talk to my wife about it all the time. It's a trip that I'm not the bully I once was. I want the people who knew me in the past to see me now, to see the proof of the medicine. Once you take [it], you look at yourself differently, you look at humanity differently, and you know you're here to add to humanity before you leave this earth." -Mike Tyson

I don't think anyone could put it any better than that. Happy Birthday, Mike!

Liz Filmer