Tyson 2.0, Back in Business. 

Liz Filmer
07 Dec 2021

Mike Tyson is best known for boxing. Still, he has also made a name for himself in the commercial cannabis world since his retirement.

Tyson first foray into the industry was in 2017 with a cannabis product line called "Tyson Ranch", which even had the ambitious plan of opening a weed-centric resort of the same name. Sadly that business is now extinct due to "bad management". Tyson may have been knocked down, but he was not knocked out. He's come back fighting with a new line of cannabis products called Tyson 2.0, collaborating with a brand new team of weed-industry veterans. 

Tyson 2.0 CEO Adam Wilks is excited to launch Mike's cannabis brand for real this time." Wilks entered the cannabis industry in 2013 after working in licensing and royalties with many companies, including some fast-food brands, and has now launched or managed over 32 cannabis brands in the US and Canada, he says.


The partner company is Columbia Care Inc. They are a New York-based company that owns 25 dispensaries in Colorado after acquiring "Green Solution" and "Medicine Man" to cover cannabis cultivation and product manufacturing. Tyson 2.0 products are expected to be on sale through Columbia Cares' national dispensary network and other retail partners before the end of the year. Talking of his new venture, Tyson said, "Cannabis has changed me for good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that with others seeking relief." Tyson has always been honest about his cannabis use. He credits it with helping him with everything from calming his nerves before a fight to allowing him to substitute opiate painkillers with cannabinoid-based pain relief. 

To cover all cannabis consumers, Tyson 2.0 will have three lines of flower: greenhouse and sun-grown flower with lower potency, higher-potency indoor flower, and a unique "Toad" line of top-shelf strains inspired by Tyson's psychedelic toad-licking experiences. In specific states like Colorado, Tyson 2.0 will also include"Heavy Bags" (a nod to his boxing past). These are 1-ounce bags that retail for under $100 each. According to Wilks, Tyson 2.0 will also sell pre-rolled joints, edibles, drinks, and marijuana concentrates.

Tyson 2.0 has a sixteen-state licensing plan. Colorado, California, and Nevada are the first three states to carry Tyson 2.0 products. There will be similar genetics and strains throughout the country; however, each cultivator will be specific to their state until the industry becomes federally legal".

To celebrate the launch, Tyson has an extensive promotional tour planned. This includes signed Tyson merchandise and the opportunity to meet the man himself, allowing customers to connect with the man behind the brand.


Liz Filmer