Extracting Cannabinoids from Smoke

Stephen Andrews
23 Jun 2023

Cannabis manufacturers are exploring new ways how to collect cannabinoid and terpene content from hemp and marijuana plants all the time. While smoke is not the first source you would think of when it comes to extraction, one American company has taken exactly that route.

Most extracts like wax, shatter, and resins rely on solvent-based extraction process to get to the end product. In solvent-based extraction, the trichomes from cannabis are dissolved in a solvent like ethanol, butane, carbon dioxide, etc. Depends what kind of extract you want to produce. 

The extraction process could also be solventless, meaning you don't use a solvent to get the extract. An example is rosin, which simply takes pressing the buds with heat and weight. For example, you can use a hair straightener to get some fresh rosin from your buds. 

But the Massachusetts-based company Real Isolates has positioned itself on the market as someone offering consumers smoke extracts. The company has found a way to activate cannabinoids at levels achievable only through smoking. To do that, they've devised a special filter that traps the chemical content of the smoke.

Real Isolates inventive cannabinoid extraction process has been rewarded a patent in the US, and the company debuted on the market last year, 2022. 

The company uses cannabinoid extraction from smoke to produce Smokenol, a line of products that includes both CBD- and THC-based smoke extracts. 

The company initially experimented with pure CBD isolates to see if they could harvest any cannabinoids using a dab rig and a special filter. Their experiment came to fruition as they were able to collect dozens of cannabinoids. 

The chemical structure of smoke varies from that of cannabis plants. With Smokenol, the team wanted to find out what would happen when they added the trapped chemical profile of smoke into classic pot products such as edibles and tinctures. And would it match the same kind of high as if you were smoking pot, not eating a cookie? 

Smoke extraction is a novelty in the sphere of cannabis. If Smokenol has one primary target group, that would be users who prefer smoking to other methods of delivery, but for some health reason, they cannot smoke. As the company's funny logo says, "We Smoke It For You."

Stephen Andrews