What Are Weed Diamonds?

Liz Filmer
19 Apr 2022

Weed diamonds are crystals created by removing the live resin from the cannabis plant using cold extraction. Pressure is then applied to the oil using a chromatography machine until it becomes crystalline in structure.

The temperature part of the extraction is vital. THCA is an inactive cannabinoid and is the same as THC but with a few extra atoms attached. The additional acid atoms mean that THCA will not provide the psychoactive properties that consumers expect from ingesting THC unless activated with heat.

Weed diamonds represent one of the purest forms of THC available. The name "diamonds" is pretty self-evident once one sees what crystalline THCA looks like. Rarely more than a few millimetres across, these diamonds are 99% THCA, with the remaining 1 per cent made up of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

The THC potency of cannabis flower is often around 25 per cent, while concentrates regularly test anywhere between 70 and 90 percent. Diamonds, by contrast, are almost 100 percent THC. 

To unlock the THC from the THCA diamonds, you smoke or vaporize the crystals. Consumption of diamonds is often done by "capping" a less potent concentrate such as wax or shatter. You "cap" your concentrate by topping it off with cannabis diamonds. Go easy, though, as diamonds have the possibility of being four times stronger than a regular joint.

How are Weed Diamonds Made?

Weed diamonds require some seriously heavy-duty machinery and expertly handling of some extraordinarily volatile and toxic solvents. There is a genuine possibility that you will blow yourself up trying to make THCA diamonds, so don't even try.

Only certified professionals in a regulated lab with extensive safety measures should attempt it.

Here is an overview of how weed diamonds are made.

  • Hash oil is produced using live cold extraction. Cold temperature extraction is necessary to ensure the THCA does not convert to THC. THCA will crystallize in the right conditions. THC, on the other hand, will not.
  • The oil then undergoes a winterization process. The oily extract is mixed with Everclear, freezing it, and filtering it.
  •  The winterized hash oil is soaked in methanol liquid before a rotary evaporator is used to draw out the methanol.
  • The oil is washed in a pentane solution to remove any plant residue. The rotary evaporator is then used again. 
  • A chromatography machine is then used to pressure the oil compounding it into crystalline form.
  • The diamonds then have to dry for anything between three to 12 days. Then the precious stones are ready.

Several brands currently offer THCA crystals for sale in US markets. They are not cheap, but there is not much better out there as far as quality goes.

Liz Filmer