What are Dragon Balls?

Liz Filmer
09 Dec 2021

As magical and mystical as they sound, Dragon Balls are REAL. These colossal glass balls of sheer, untainted cannabis oil measure in at an unbelievable 99% pure THC. The process of making them relies on "The Clear." A hydrocarbon concentrate. "The Clear" is produced via an extraction process that shreds everything away from the cannabis plant except the cannabinoids. 

Created by X-tracted labs in Seattle. The comprehensive process of how Dragon Balls are made is a secret. What we do know, however, is that these 99% pure THC balls weigh around 3,000 grams, almost as heavy as a newborn baby. This form of concentrate is changing the game.

The Clear is the breath of dragon balls, the fire from the depths of the belly, clear and pure. Hence the 99% THC content. So what is "The Clear" precisely in terms of concentrate? An oil? Shatter? Wax? None of the above is the answer. 

All of those extracts are mixed with a propylene glycol solvent. The Clear is not. Instead, it is a distillate made thinner and runnier using terpenes to give it its crystal clear, pure appearance. These amber spheres of psychoactivity are as premium as it gets for extracts.

Once the extraction of "The Clear" is done, now comes the task of infusing the golden orbs with flavour. This is done by Reintroducing aromatic terpenes from various sources, including cannabis, into the solution. Doing this allows for the fine-tuning of the scent, taste, and even the effects of the THC. Flavours include "Banana Cream" and "Lime Sorbet". Terpene levels are adjusted to make strains fit every need, including more uplifting and energizing or sedating and stress-reducing. The terpenes give you the nuanced experiences you would expect from a complex hybrid strain.

The "piste de resistance" is when the filtered concentrate is dripped into the glass orbs. They are a thing of beauty, almost too beautiful to smoke. Bringing us on to the next question. How do you consume a Dragon Ball? Well, my first tip would be "with caution" given its strength! 

The most popular method of consumption is dabbing. Many consumers report that "The Clear" makes for the best dabs they've ever had. No doubt this is because the pure elixir contains only cannabinoids, making for an extremely "clean" smoke. 

"The Clear" extract can also be purchased in vaporizer cartridges. Many people don't enjoy the flavour and feel of vapes. "The Clear" has changed this and made vaporizing tastier and more pleasurable. This is due to the solution not being mixed with synthetic solvents. 

Sounds impressive, right? Well, the science behind Dragon Balls is the start of taking things to the next level with cannabis extracts, especially in medicinal terms.

With the breakthrough of customizable solutions, individuals can request the ideal concentrate to fit their wants and needs. We already know that terpenes affect the aroma, flavour, and overall experience of cannabis. However, with Dragon Balls, these compounds combine in different sequences with cannabinoids and other plant components to produce various clinical benefits. This opens up the possibility for medical professionals to tailor cannabis medicine to fit the patient's exact symptoms. Aside from the medicinal realms, Dragon Balls can also offer the ultimate luxury experience for the recreational cannabis connoisseur.

We are only beginning now to see the tip of the iceberg for cannabis scientific advancements. With developments such as Dragon Balls, we know that there is tons of potential, and as research continues, we will only learn more.   

Liz Filmer