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A mostly Indica, feminised variety, very easy to grow and fast flowering. This powerful hybrid generates abundant harvests of beautiful resin-rich buds with a high concentration of THC. It has a sweet berry smell and the effect it produces is devastating, even for the most experienced.

A spectacular cross from the Advanced Seeds seed bank, combining two of the most acclaimed strains on the market, Gorilla Glue #4 and DJ Short Blueberry. The Gorilla parent passed down its characteristic high resin production and potency, while the Blueberry mother gave it its exquisite taste.

Gorilla Blue is an all-terrain strain whose ideal habitat is a temperate climate, but can be grown almost anywhere, as it ripens in a few weeks and is ready to be harvested outdoors between late September and early October, so growers have to cut it before the cold and heavy rains arrive. Indoors it can be harvested between 55 and 60 days from the beginning of flowering.

The production of Gorilla Blue is very high, with yields that can reach 600 g/m2 indoors, under lamps, with plants of approximately one meter in height. Outdoors, if it is given space and proper nutrition, it can even exceed one kilo per plant with specimens of around 2.5 m.

It is a robust plant, with profuse branching and foliage. It produces very abundant, dense and resinous buds. Its high concentration of resin makes it perfectly fit for producing extracts. It has a very high percentage of THC (around 24%). This means a very strong effect – narcotic at all levels, both physical and mental. Perfect to relax, clear the mind of problems and fall asleep easily.

Germination and growth

These are the very first Gorilla Blue seeds to come into our hands. We germinated them immediately between wet cloths. In less than 48 hours, the radicle was visible in all of them. We prepared pots with a quite soft soil and watered them before placing our seeds inside. If the soil is watered later, the seeds can end up being buried too deep, with the risk that shoots may not reach the surface.

Resinous and abundant lateral buds.
Resinous and abundant lateral buds.


After moistening the substrate, we introduced the seeds with the root downwards, at a very shallow depth. We put the pots underneath sodium lamps and, in less than a day, all of them had popped above the ground. We irrigated them every two days with water enriched with a small amount of rooting agent. Fostering the growth of a good root ball at this stage of development is very important to obtain an explosive growth and exceptional flowering.

The plants remained in this substrate for about ten days. Afterwards, we transplanted them into 7-litre pots. In this new substrate, we watered again for several days with Bactohemp to stimulate their roots. The first watering cycle was more abundant in order to soak the soil thoroughly.

After this first watering cycle, the plants hardly needed to be moistened in the next several days. After our first somewhat more generous cycle, we set the time of irrigation – for all the plants at the same time – every other day.

We kept the plants a little more than three weeks in this 7-litre pots and then transplanted them again to the final pots, which in this case had a capacity of 18 litres. We repeated the watering cycle we had done after the first transplanting, adding a rooter the first few days. All the plants developed at great speed with innumerable shoots along their very long branches, and training stakes were necessary from the very beginning. After a few days, we moved them to the flowering room at 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness.


 Within days of changing the photoperiod, all the Gorilla Blues had a last growth spurt. We had to raise the lamps again to maintain the proper distance between them and the plants, as well as use some extra stakes.

After the first week of flowering, we changed the growth fertiliser for a specific one for flowering and used Bactobloom to stimulate it. In a few days, bud formation was explosive. Buds were not very big or long but had developed all over the plant and their amount was incredible. They were also very dense and sticky.

Trichomes at first sight.


The huge layer of resin that covered them was also amazing. Two weeks before harvesting, we proceeded with a good root wash and stopped fertilising while we waited for the flowers to complete their ripening. We cut all the plants about 60 days after flowering start, with buds completely covered with trichomes.

Harvest and tasting

 The yield per plant of this strain is very high, and the large number of buds make trimming somewhat tedious. In our case, the leaf-to-bud ratio was somewhat high, so we needed some time to carry out this task.

After a little more than two weeks in the drying room, we tasted the first buds of Gorilla Blue. We immediately noticed its lineage. To the touch, we could clearly feel a large amount of resin that covered the buds. On the palate, we could taste its sweet fruity flavours. The effect was instantaneous and very potent. We felt our whole body and mind totally relaxed.

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