Wake and Bake: Tasty Space Cake ‘Grandma Style’

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Want to experiment with a delicious cannabis recipe that is super easy to prepare at home? Space cake is easy to made, without making mess in the kitchen.

For all of you who wake and bake, here’s a popular type of cannabis edible–the Space Cake–that you can really try and bake at home. This tasty space cake is one of the most famous edibles in the cannabis market today and super easy to prepare in your own kitchen, provided that you have the proper tools for making baked goods.

Making a space cake at home is very easy since it uses the same steps in baking your usual sugary treats. Of course, there are some minor differences, such as infusing cannabis but are mostly minimal. So, just scroll down and see how you can make your own space cake at home. 

Before we proceed with the cannabis recipe, make sure that you have all cooking and baking tools to properly make a space cake. See below the list of essential tools and ingredients that you will be needing.

Cannabis Recipe: Space Cake 'Grandma Style'

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Cannabis buds, cuttings or hash in equivalent strength, 8 grams
  2. Flour, 1 ½ cups
  3. Unsalted butter, 1 cup
  4. Granulated sugar, 1 cup
  5. Milk, ¾ cup
  6. Eggs, two pieces
  7. Baking powder, one ¾ teaspoon
  8. Salt, ½ teaspoon
  9. Ingredients of your choice (for flavouring)

Tools Needed:

  1. Grinder
  2. Mixing bowl
  3. Spatula or mixing spoon
  4. Cake oven tin
  5. Non-stick spray or lining paper
  6. Oven
  7. Microwave
  8. Small bowl
  9. Skewer
  10. Wire rack (optional)

Baking Instructions:

First, gather all materials and ingredients needed for this space cake cannabis recipe. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to temperatures around 104 C to 113 C;
  2. Using an oven-safe container, place ground weed and heat in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes;
  3. For 20 seconds, microwave the butter until it is gloopy or in a pasty state;
  4. After step 3, mix the ground weed in the butter;
  5. Add all of the sugar, flour, milk, cannabis-butter mix, eggs and the ingredient(s) of your choice. Mix everything until the blend has a nice consistency. Add more milk if the mix becomes too dry and more water if it is too wet;
  6. Grease the cake tin pan with a non-stick spray or use non-stick baking paper to line the pan;
  7. Pour the cake mixture evenly on the cake tin;
  8. Place it in the oven and let it bake for 25 minutes;
  9. After 25 minutes, stab the center using a skewer to check if the cake is ready. Make sure the skewer is clean after removing it from the cake. Leave it for 5 minutes more if the skewer is not cleaned after removal;
  10. After step 11, allow 20 minutes for the cake to cool in the cake tin and place it above the wire rack upside down. Allow another 30 minutes for it to cool down.
  11. You may decorate the cake after that.
  12. Enjoy your space cake!

Four Strains That Are Perfect for Your Space Cakes

If you are looking for new flavours that you can place on your space cake or if you can’t decide on what flavours to choose for your cannabis recipe, below are the four cannabis strains that we recommend.

  • Lemon Shining Silver Haze. This lemon-flavoured strain has a citrus tinge aftertaste when used as an ingredient for a space cake. After consuming a space cake infused with this strain, an individual will experience an overdrive sensation in the mind. This is best consumed before heading to work since it gives the brain a needed boost to think faster and generate creative ideas. Once consumed, a person will experience euphoric, energetic feelings and happiness that will make them be upbeat all day long. It has a 15% to 20% THC with a low CBD count.
  • Purple Queen. Another beautiful strain that has citrus flavouring on it. Its strong scent gives off a zesty and fruity feeling once ingested. It also gives off relaxing and euphoric feelings, thanks to its THC dosage of 22%. This strain is known for being a hybrid strain that is popular among consumers as it has 75% Indica and 25% Sativa on it. It is best consumed after doing a hard day’s work or if you want to unwind on a relaxing day, whether in the morning or at night.
  • Royal Cookies. The perfect strain for consumers with sweet cravings since it gives off a fresh scent in plant form and has a sugary taste when used as an ingredient for space cakes. Consuming one will give a relaxing and euphoric stoned high that is perfect for persons who are feeling down or those who could perhaps use a little confidence boost. The effects of this strain may last for several hours. It has 23% THC, which is suitable for veteran cannabis consumers.
  • Solomatic CBD. If you are looking for a strain that has extra therapeutic effects, this is the one. The Solomatic CBD is the total opposite of the first three strains mentioned as it has a low dose of THC at 1% only, while the CBD dosage is at 21%. It results in a certain feeling without the accompanying high of the usual cannabis strains. Ideal for users who want to feel the beneficial effects of CBD purely. Consumers will get a relaxing and definite feeling once this has been ingested as a space cake ingredient. Its flavours, which are a combination of sweet fruit, ginger and pine, give a one-of-a-kind kick that will leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth after ingesting.

Have Fun Baking!

We highly recommend trying the above-mentioned strains as you get down making space cakes at the comfort of your own home. Making cannabis space cakes is also a new skill you can learn (baking), plus you have the freedom to choose how your DIY space cake cannabis recipe is going to taste!

Aside from the flavoured space cakes that we have mentioned in this article, you may also try experimenting with other cannabis recipes or invent ones yourself. There is no limit to adding flavours and spices to your space cake. Furthermore, you may decide to add more or only a few ingredients at your disposal to customize your DIY space cake recipe. However, whatever you do, we highly advise you to do it in moderation. Infuse THC in your sugary treats wisely and remember that anything is best in moderation so as not to overwhelm yourself.

Enjoy the end results of your cannabis recipes in the comfort of your home or take them to bring a special flair at a gathering with friends.

Do you need help with a drugs related problem? Contact your local supportline as soon as possible. In case of immediate life threatening circumstances call 911 now!

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