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By Rich Hamilton

Being in the industry for as long as I have, as soon as I see or hear that a celebrity is associating themselves with the cannabis industry, especially the growing of the plant itself I’m always very sceptical as to their motives. When I found out that the legend that is Mike Tyson has move into the sector however I decided to look further in to it. Was Mike jumping on the “green rush” bandwagon or was his step into cannabis the real deal? I went over to America to find out. 

The Tyson Ranch slogan is “Not all cannabis is created equal” and I couldn’t agree more. Mike’s philosophy coming into the cannabis ring is that he will only produce the very best ‘AAA’ connoisseur level “exclusive” cannabis and cannabis products for the market. I think there’s an important word there and that is ‘exclusive’. Mike is about as famous as it gets so it would have been all too easy a route from him to just put his name on something and take the money. Companies in the market would have no doubt paid untold millions for him to endorse their product but no, Mike and the team around him have done it the right way. They have invested millions in producing new and exclusive premium strains to the market. They have a team of master growers and breeders working around the clock behind the scenes to make sure that every batch is consistently impeccable. All of the Tyson ranch products are meticulously inspected at every stage of the process ensuring that everything that comes from the Tyson Ranch is of the highest quality. 

Let’s talk about the weed….well, every exclusive Tyson Ranch strain is grown in an indoor environment that has been specifically designed and tailored to get the maximum expression from the particular stain. They do not harvest on weight. They harvest when each particular strain has reached its peak of maturity. Following that the flushing, harvest and curing process take over 30 days to ensure that the flavonoids and the terpenes are at their maximum potential. Like all good quality cannabis, all of Mikes weed is hand trimmed to perfection. It is all lab test certified, clean and has absolutely no extra terpenes or other products added to the end flower to enhance it. The core of the company’s mission statement is Consistency and quality, bringing the consumer hand crafted better Cannabis. 

The bottom line is that Mike is a stoner at heart, it is something he does everyday and he believes that it makes him a better person. Believe it or not Mike doesn’t like the ruthless aggressive argent mike of days gone by. One of the first things he does when he wakes up is light up and he will consistently smoke throughout the day. Let me put how much of a smoker Mike is in to perspective. On an average month Mike and his team go through around $40,000.00 worth of weed. I don’t know what your weed bill is per month but DAAAMMM!!, that’s not messing about!

While on my visit I was give samples of Sativa (Tyson Sour Diesel), Indica (Tyson Triple OG) and a Hybrid (Tyson Rainbow cookies).  The first thing that sprung to my attention was the packaging. It is beautiful. Smart, professional, screaming ’exclusivity’ and exuding utter class. It is clear that from the outside of the product, that the inside is something to get excited about. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this is a beautiful cover. Next comes the contents… the second I opened the first jar and peeled back the seal my senses were engulfed with an array of rich, pungent, deep, complex cannabis tones which you only get from true AAA 10/10 premium craft flower. Simply sublime. Let’s now break each strain I sampled down in a quick start to finish review.


Tyson Rainbow Cookies – Hybrid

Round 1 – Firstly the smell is incredible, both sweet, sour, earthy and savoy. A nice firm bud That breaks up very easy, not to dry and not to wet…..just right. My fingers where covered it crystals with a powdery finish by the time I had finished breaking it down. The flower is mid to dark greens with lots of purple and orange flashes as well as being covered head to toe in crystals. I broke the flower down into a consistent ground. Broken down the flower is much more purple then before  with white accents, which makes me very excited. The fruity notes coming of it are an absolute pleasure to smell. 

The stone from this strain is second to none. Surprisingly, for me a much stronger stone then the others but with a lower THC content. The stone starts low and builds giving you both a head and chest high while giving your core and thighs a real heavy couch lock stone. It’s a long lasting satisfying stone which is both relaxing and exciting. It’s the type of stone that feels like it’s trying to separate you, Great for socialising or staying at home and play on your console. Super happy, nice, head lightness with that body heavy feeling. The taste profile comes through beautifully with a long lasting taste which slowly moves in to the feeling that snacks would be a great idea. Definitely a good weed to eat on as I did. Never has burger, fries and a chocolate milkshake tasted so good. Hands down a fantastic premium smoke, which I personally love. Round 1 goes to the Tyson ranch, exceptional. 

Tyson Triple OG – Indica

Round 2 – Straight off the bat this flower is much lighter then the others. It is a hard bud made up from light greens with a white like frosting of trichromatic crystals all over it. Almost no orange hairs at all. It smells very light and fruity with a background hint of spice. Breaking it down the odours come alive, there’s a richness and complexity which has been genetically balanced perfectly. It breaks down well with a sticky dry feeling to the touch. Every time I break the flower a surprising amount of trichrome crystals seem to jump off the bud. By the time I’ve broken the bud down to the consistency I want most of my fingers are covered to a rich pungent cannabis kief powder. I can tell this is going to be a very strong smoke. 

Warm on the throat the Tyson tripe OG hits hard and heavy. The stone is immediate and hard. It feels like my face is so heavy it’s melting in to the back of my head. That sensation is then slowly echoed through the body giving you an impenetrable couch lock feeling. The pains I’ve been having in my back just fall away as the comfortable weight increases with every part of my body that is touching the sofa I’m siting on. This is a great stone, which makes you content with the world around you. Excellent for stress and pain relief. Round 2 goes again to the Tyson Ranch. Triple OG is a first class Indica.  

If like heavy Indica strains, this is as good as it gets. 100% knock out weed.

Tyson Sour Diesel – Sativa

Round 3 – As soon as the jar was opened the room was filled with a super deep, sweet, gassy, diesel super pungent smell that only comes from AAA flower that has been cured to perfection. This is clearly premium cannabis. The bud is tight hard and full of bright light green colours. Breaking it up by hand so I can get a real for it. It is full of crystals and very sticky. The smell hits you again in a fresh wave as it is being broken up. Truly beautiful. Musky, masculine, diesel, gassy, earthy and sweet.

The smoke was really smooth and tasty. Absolutely delicious! The stone is all in the head. A true head high that warms from the back of your head. As the stone moves forward it is face warming followed by a tingling feeling over the face. As that happens the stone comes on stronger and stronger. Exactly how it smelt is tastes. This is a true high, high. Everything seems brighter and lighter. My arms and shoulders feel so light. I feel real happy. I love this weed. If you get chance this is one not to miss out on. The THC levels in this strain are over 27% and it shows with a very strong high. All 3 rounds goes to Tyson ranch cannabis. It truly is “better cannabis”


The Tyson Ranch flower range currently consists of 12 unique strains.

  • Pineapple upside down cake – Hybrid – THC 25.23%
  • Tyson Rainbow Cookies – Hybrid – THC 23.05%
  • The Toad – Indica – THC – 36.40%
  • Purple Urkle – Indica – THC 18.36%
  • Dos Si Dos – Indica – THC 18.98%
  • Tyson Cookies – Indica – THC 26.44%
  • Tyson Triple OG – Indica – THC 24.14%
  • Sticky Papaya – Sativa – THC 25.99%
  • Chiesel – Sativa – THC 28.68%
  • Rose – Sativa – THC 23.17%
  • Jillybean – Sativa – THC 18.04%
  • Tyson Sour Diesel – Sativa – THC 27.22%

Mike Tyson is now expanding his empire to encompass more than just incredible AAA flower and concentrates by branching out with a range of edibles and CBD infused ‘DWIINKS’. I didn’t spell that wrong, that’s actually what the have called the range, DWIINK! A play on Mike’s speech impediment, which I personally find hilarious. It also shows the not often seen, lighter funny side of the Mike’s personality. The “Tyson Ranch” brand also has a range of Tabaco free blunt wraps and blunt cones which have been infused with the terpenes from the Tyson’s heavy hitting strain, ‘The Toad’. It doesn’t stop there for Mike however and he has further plans to expand into….now sit down…..this is important, a 480 acre Tyson Ranch hotel/resort, which will basically be the Disneyland for cannabis!!! Drop the mic! (no pun intended) Take my money now! I’m in. 

It’s very clear having personally sampled the Tyson Ranch weed, blunt wraps and Dwiinks, that not only is he firmly and without doubt a credible part of the cannabis industry but that he is also heading toward becoming an industry leader and maybe even the heavy weight champion of the weed world!

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