Dutch Passion new varieties for 2020

Dutch Passion new varieties for 2020 COVER
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Dutch Passion have announced several new autoflower and feminised seed varieties for 2020. These are a mix of varieties rich in CBD, THC and THC-V.

THC-Victory. This groundbreaking new variety produces buds with around 8% THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) and 8% THC with a small amount of CBD. THCV is usually only present in trace quantities in most varieties. Medical growers have been asking for varieties rich in new cannabinoids. THC-Victory is the first in a new generation of cannabis varieties. Available in feminised seeds.

Banana Blaze. This is a rare indica dominant genetic line with a distinctive banana taste and aroma. This feminised seed variety packs a strong punch with high THC levels, dense frosty buds and heavy harvests. She is ready to harvest in as little as 7 weeks.

Auto Banana Blaze. Autoflower fans won’t miss out on the Banana Blaze genetics! The auto version takes around 10-12 weeks from seed to harvest. Indoors she delivers XL harvests under 20 hours of daily light throughout the duration of the grow. THC rich, heavy harvests and a great feel-good smoke are assured.

Auto Banana Blaze
Auto Banana Blaze

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush. This variety has THC levels usually below 1% with high CBD levels. She takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest, with a rich taste and often with deep purple/blue hues to the buds. Low THC varieties are increasingly popular with medical users and growers, as tobacco substitutes or as a daytime smoke which allows you to get your work done.

Kerosene Krash. This heavy yielding, medium height indica dominant feminised seed variety pays homage to one of Dutch Passion’s favourite Gorilla Glue #4 specimens. She was crossed with a male Sherbet variety and produces an extremely frosty THC rich harvest with a gassy taste. Very special genetics with a supreme smoke quality.

Kerosene Krash
Kerosene Krash

Sugar Bomb Punch. Using elite USA Sugar Bomb genetics, this unusually resinous feminised variety is one of Dutch Passion’s most powerful THC rich indica dominant varieties. Lovers of USA genetics with extreme potency will adore this heavy yielder. This variety also uses proven genetics from Bubba Island Kush and Critical Orange Punch.

Sugar Bomb Punch
Sugar Bomb Punch

C-Vibez. With genetics from Mad Scientist and Voodoo, this heavy yielding hybrid produces large, dense buds with a white trichome frosting and an incredibly powerful and pleasurable high. Around a third of the plants show some purple/pink colours. Plants reach 1-1.5m indoors with an exceptional fruity terpene profile.


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