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Click the link to your favourite product, hit the vote button, leave us your email and enter for a chance to win the Soft Secrets ® Goodie box!
Soft Secrets offers you to elect the best cannabis products of the year. You have until the end of December to vote and to designate the winners of the European Product Awards among the products presented by our advertisers in the different categories. At the end of the month a draw will perhaps allow you to win a pack of Soft Secrets goodies.
Vote for the European Product Awards 2019

Fertilizers –

Advanced Advanced Hydroponics PK (PK Booster)
Easy Growing of Royal Queen Seeds (Fertilizer Range)
Iguana Juice Organic, OIM Grow & OIM bloom from Avanced Nutrients (Fertilizer Range)
Tripart of Terra Aquatica (Fertilizer Range 3 part)

Complements –

Frooting Power from BAC (Flowering stimulator)
Clonex from Growth Technology (Cutting Hormone)

Indoor –

Grow Block (Air Conditioning + Dehumidification)
ParXtreme Lamp (600W LEC conversion lamp)
Propagator (Cultivation tent)
Smart Grow Controller (Digital Control of the Cropping System)

Other Products –

Crystaltea (Herbal CBD Teas)
Diamond Miner (Extractors 300 ml and 700 ml)
Mama Editions Gardening Collection (Reference books for growing cannabis)

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