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The Creator Of Moby Dick…

Finding a unique blend of indica and sativa genetics to make the perfect hybrid is no easy task, unless your name is King Kush from Dinafem Seeds, the creator of world-famous Moby Dick. Soft Secrets sat down with him to find out all about how Moby Dick was born, what inspired it, and the breeding process behind one of the largest-producing hybrids to ever hit the seed market.
SSUK: Can you tell us more about yourself and how long you have been breeding for?
I never talk much about myself. For me, anonymity is simply beyond price. I started growing weed 23 years ago, at a very young age. Back then, quality seeds were almost nowhere to be found, so we had to import them from Switzerland or the Netherlands.
It wasn’t long, though, before we started to create our own seeds by crossing them with one another. We made regular seeds or grew whatever we could lay our hands on. In 1995, I put myself through agricultural school and there I met Dr. OG, who later floated the idea of creating feminized seeds… and the rest is history.
What inspired you to create Moby Dick and did you know it would work so well as a hybrid?
Dr. OG’s vision of how feminized genetics and seed banks should be created was far broader than anyone else’s. I grew pot just to smoke. We ran several tests with the elite clones we’d stored for ages, knowing which crosses will work best. Only when the seeds that have fallen off the plants we had harvested the previous year in a greenhouse germinated and turned into true monsters did we realize we had created some really good stuff.
Could you tell us more about the breeding process behind the strain?
At first, when crossing genetics, we just worried about the tastes, aromas, and the yield. The selections were made based on our instincts… Now the breeding process is way more professional. We’re in a whole new level. Strains are lab-tested for terpenes, cannabinoids, differences between siblings.
We can practically tailor on-demand hybrids using large populations and crossing them until we get exactly what we want. Science does help do a better job and better understand the plants and crosses to always pick the right path. But, you know, it’s the smoke test that really matters.
Where were the White Widow and Haze parents used originally sourced from?
Dr. Ananda was, and still is, the guardian of our genetics. A long-treasured collection consisting solely of the very best specimens of the plants we’d been growing, selecting, and storing for years. Strains that were usually grown by just a few locals and us. We still keep them, of course… They’re so special and precious to us… Their origin? Well…They come straight from the ‘90s, from the golden era of pot in the Netherlands…
What were the desired traits that you were looking for from the first generation hybrids, and Is Moby Dick the biggest producer Dinafem have ever made?
In those days, all we looked for was the taste, smell, yield, stability, homogeneity, and, of course, the buzz… As simple as that. It’s still our top yielder Moby but others such as Strawberry Amnesia, Amnesia, Critical 2.0, and Critical Jack are not far behind…
How would you best describe the aroma, taste, and effect of Moby Dick?
A) Powerful and pungent, wood and church-incense smell… Very special and really, really strong. White, smooth smoke that leaves a lingering taste of citrus, spices, and Haze on the palate. Its effect… hahahaha… classic fast-acting psychedelic sativa effect with a narcotic feel to it… Just a heads-up, though: make sure you have some chocolate bars nearby…
Who came up with the name for the strain and why did you choose it, and what tips do you have for anyone growing out Moby Dick
It was Dr. OG’s choice. Because it’s indeed a giant beast, a white whale, a monster!. This plant grows like hell when given lots of light, lots of space, and lots of nutrients. Pretty simple, right?
Have you made other hybrids using Moby Dick?
Yes. We created Moby Dick #2, a bit fancier than the original one, while we were looking for different tastes and aromas. Worth giving a shot, really. Moby Dick’s parents were used for producing other hybrids as well…
Has Moby Dick won any awards and, if so, which ones?
Since its creation, Moby Dick has won countless prizes… and still today continues riding high. In 2010, for example, it won Soft Secret’s “Girl of the Year” award.
Finally… Do you have any social media our readers can check out?
Not really. I generally stay off social media. As I said, my anonymity is very important to me… It’s true, though, that I’ve been lately thinking of creating an Instagram account under the name of @king_kush_official. You know what? I’m gonna do it right now SSUK! You can also follow Dinafem to get a picture of what I am into now… Well, it’s time for a Moby Dick joint! Cheers!

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