Coffeeshop Papillon Amsterdam

coffeeshop papillon amsterdam
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Friendly staff and fantastic weed

In the trendy Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp, Coffeeshop Papillon has been part of the weed and hash business for several generations. Local residents and other enthusiasts are equally passionate about this coffee shop.
The coffee shop on the attractive and leafy Van der Helstplein opened its doors sometime in the 1980s, just steps away from the Albert Cuyp market and the Heineken Experience. The neighbourhood has changed a lot since then, just like Papillon, while much has also remained the same. In 2002, the coffee shop was passed down from uncle to cousin, so that it can justifiably be considered a family business.

More than just a sales point

Naturally, improvements have been made over the years, such as an expansion of the range, the monitoring of the quality of its products, the music, and the visitors’ lounge area. Papillon clearly wants to be more than just a place to buy weed, hash, edibles and related items. Visitors of the coffee shop truly appreciate this, which is made abundantly clear by the feedback.

Professional service

Customers are happy with the relaxed and spacious lounge area with a number of screens, the music and the fact that everything is clean and clear; customers are also enthusiastic about the helpful, reliable and professional service, the quality of the supplied smoking products and the relaxed atmosphere. All of which are issues that Papillon’s employees keep a close eye on.
coffeeshop papillon amsterdam

The information displayed is informative.

Papillon is happy to welcome tourists but is also rooted in the neighbourhood, so there is something for everyone. It is clearly not a tourist trap, which are already in abundance in the city centre. The website makes it easy for globetrotters and provides them with additional information.
coffeeshop papillon amsterdam


In terms of supply, Pineapple Cookie Kush and Strawberry Banana Kush are the most expensive varieties. Specialities include both those two and Moonrocks, a combination of weed and hash powder, also available in joints in pure form, and with tobacco. But that’s not all, specials in the hash crossed with cannabis and hash seeds range are Nepalese, Amnesia and Kush Berry, and for joints they are Strawberry Kush, Candy Kush and Golden Cream.
coffeeshop papillon amsterdam


There are various types of traditional Moroccan hash such as Papi Special, Cream Supreme and Golden Cream, as well as Ice-O-Lator. Ice-O-Lator or Ice hash is an extremely powerful hash. Ice-O-Lator owes its potential to a special production process that includes extraction and sieving in ice water. The exact THC content is always a bit of a guess, but Ice (like hash oil) is one of the purest forms of THC and cannabinoid-containing substances available for consumption.
For more information you can visit Papillon’s website, while it can of course also be found on Facebook and Instagram. And remember: Papillon is ranked number 1 among the best coffee shops in Amsterdam-Zuid for a reason!
Coffeeshop Papillon
Van der Helstplein 8
1072 PH Amsterdam
Tel.: +31610024332 (WhatsApp only)
Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 08.00 am – 01.00 pm
Saturday: 09.00 am – 01.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00 am – 01.00 pm

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