Poll Shows Europe Wants Legalisation.

Liz Filmer
13 Apr 2022

Data collated by Hanway Associates and reported by Curaleaf International revealed that most Europeans support legal, government-regulated marijuana sales to those over 18's. 

More than 9,000 people were surveyed, 55% of which said they favour legal recreational cannabis. 20% were indifferent, and the remaining 25% were opposed. 

48% said they would support regulated retail dispensaries, 35% favour home cultivation, and 32% support social clubs. 

The E.U.'s openness to cannabis legalisation is not surprising. Europeans have been witnessing the economic benefits of legalisation in the Us for some time. More so, however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when cannabis use skyrocketed, and a lot of money was made.

Multiple European countries have legalised marijuana for medical purposes. Others have decriminalised recreational use. Some countries, like France, are currently experimenting with the two options under a pilot program.

In 2021 Luxembourg became the first European country to legalise growing cannabis for personal use, and Malta became the first country to legalise recreational weed fully. Industry experts think that Germany may be the next in line.

Germany decriminalised medical cannabis five years ago. Last year's analyses indicated that a wholly legal cannabis market could bring up to €3.4 billion ($3.85 billion) in German tax income.

"There is clear political desire and willingness in Germany to legalise recreational use. Given Germany is the largest economy in Europe, we think it will lead the way and create a domino effect for the rest of the continent." - Joe Bayern, CEO of Curaleaf.

Research suggests that the European market could see a compound annual growth rate of 67.4% between 2021-and 2025. This would be worth around €3.2 billion ($3.49 billion) by 2025.

"This report makes it obvious the majority of Europeans want to see recreational cannabis available to allow adults access to high-quality products that are regulated," - Antonio Costanzo, Curaleaf International CEO.

Liz Filmer