Flock of Sheep Eat 100Kg of Weed in Greece

Stephen Andrews
26 Sep 2023

Various parts of Greece were stricken by heatwaves, wildfires and extreme flooding during the summer. The environmental catastrophes caused great destruction, including damage to farmlands where livestock were left struggling to survive and looking for whatever food there is. So, this would explain how one group of sheep entered a marijuana plantation. The story would be so much funnier if the circumstances were not so tragic.

A herd of sheep that struggled to find fresh grass for eating, started behaving strangely after grazing crops at a medical cannabis plantation in Greece. Reportedly, the sheep invaded the greenhouse in the aftermath of extreme floods that hit the country.

The plantation owner said that the sheep merely finished “what was left” from the crops after the region was battered by Storm Daniel. The same storm also ravaged through other countries in the Mediterranean, including Türkiye, Bulgaria and Libya, causing massive floods and huge loss of life. 

If the situation wasn’t so bad, we could laugh much harder at this story. Anyway, the sheep was initially spotted grazing in the flooded plains of Thessaly, in central Greece. The flock then headed to a cannabis farm near the town of Almyros to finish up around 100 kg of weed, reported the Greek media. 

“I don’t know if it’s for laughing or crying,” the owner of the cannabis farm told TheNewspaper.gr website. “We had the heatwave and we lost a lot of production,” he said. “We had the floods, we lost almost everything. And now this. The herd entered the greenhouse and ate what was left. I don’t know what to say, honestly.” 

The sheep were allegedly noticed to behave in a strange way after that, though it wasn’t clarified what exactly they did. 

Storm Daniel battered central Greece earlier this month, flooding cities and villages on its way, and decimating over 100,000 animals and livestock, according to officials. 

A member state of the European Union (EU), Greece legalised cannabis for medicinal uses back in 2017. Recreational use of cannabis is not allowed in Greece. Those caught in possession of weed can face penalties that include imprisonment ranging from 10 days to 5 years and/or a fine; it would depend on how much the person has on them. 

The Mediterranean country was known for cannabis cultivation and export before the plant was prohibited in 1936.

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Stephen Andrews