Nicki Minaj Arrested Over Pre-Rolls

Liz Filmer
27 May 2024

Rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested at Schiphol Airport in Holland on Saturday, May 25, 2024. The world star was arrested due to the discovery of pre-rolled joints in her luggage. After a few hours, she was released after paying a fine of 350 euros.

The 41-year-old Trinidadian-American rapper kept her millions of fans around the world informed via social media. "They're not even my pre-rolls, they're from my security", she reported. She further accused the military police, responsible for her arrest, that they, like others, were out to ruin her tour. The hashtag #freenicki was quickly trending on social media.

Ultimately, she had to cancel her concert in Manchester on Saturday evening. To the chagrin of 20,000 English fans, who had been waiting for her for hours. Similarly, her Dutch fans had also been left unhappy the previous night as Minaj had started her performance in the Ziggo Dome 2.5 hours late. However, a day later when she left the Netherlands, things went completely wrong. 

According to a spokesperson for the military police, a 'reasonable amount' of pre-rolled joints was found in her luggage. Some media wrote that it involved 40 joints. The Public Prosecution Service informed NOS that the amount involved was 30 to 100 grams of cannabis. Minaj was detained, after which hundreds of fans went to the station to demand her release.

 After paying a fine of 350 euros, she was released in the evening. The Royal Military Police reported dryly on X: 'We have just released a 41-year-old American woman who we arrested this afternoon at Schiphol on suspicion of exporting soft drugs. After consultation with the Public Prosecution Service, the suspect has been fined and can continue on her way.' 

Later that evening, Minaj thanked her fans and promised that she would make it up to her fans in Manchester later. The worldwide reactions once again showed that there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the Dutch tolerance policy. Many international media wrote about the legal status of cannabis in the Netherlands. The tolerance policy there is still difficult to explain. Meanwhile, some fans thought that Nicki Minaj should be grateful to the authorities at Schiphol: 'Already released after 5 hours and a 350 euro fine. Had she been caught in England with 40 joints, the punishment would have been much heavier.'

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