Seth Rogen, Weed Entrepreneur

Liz Filmer
21 Apr 2024

Seth Rogen is one of the most famous stoners in recent years and has always been very candid about his cannabis use. The Pineapple Express star, 40, most recently opened up on Steven Bartlett's "The Diary of a CEO" podcast. "I smoke weed all day, every single day since I was 20 years old, maybe, And I've been very productive in that time."

Rogen said he sees weed similarly to "shoes or glasses" as they make things more comfortable".

"Could I not wear shoes? Probably. Could I not smoke weed? Probably.
It makes my journey through this life more comfortable, more palatable, easier to process, more accessible to manifest the things that I want to do". 

Rogen reiterated that he could "probably" go through life without smoking weed but would be more of a "pain in the**". Later, Rogen noted that, unlike shoes or glasses, weed is "natural".

"Everyone has things they use to make their lives livable, And for me, weed is one of those things".

When asked how he thought his life would be if he didn't smoke daily, Rogen said that he probably wouldn't have a weed company and wouldn't have made the movie Pineapple Express.

"I maybe wouldn't have conceived of many of the things I've conceived of over the years. Smoking weed has always been a social element for my friends and me. So many of the ideas we've come up with, we've come up with when we have been hanging out and smoking weed." In contrast to the popular belief held by many about the influences of cannabis use, Rogen said that weed has added to his "creative output".

In 2019, he launched his cannabis-focused company Houseplant with longtime friend Evan Goldberg. As well as selling their handpicked cannabis strains, they soon expanded into the home goods market. A decision stemming from the desire to display weed like you would show a liquor decanter.

"Something we talk so much about is how weed and everything to do with it lives in a shoebox or the back of your desk drawer when It deserves to, on your mantle or your coffee table like a decanter of whiskey or a martini shaker; it's commonplace to display that in your home.
"Why shouldn't your ashtrays and lighters be on the same plane?"

What is Seth Rogen's Cannabis Company?

Rogen also has a keen interest in pottery, which has translated into the Houseplant brand, with many of the ashtrays and homeware available having been designed by or based on original designs or pieces from Seth's collection and his tastes and inspirations.

One thing for sure is that this celeb stoner is breaking all the stereotypes as he is not only a creative actor, comedian and screenwriter but also an upcoming canna entrepreneur who is bringing the image of cannabis to the next level.

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