Seth Rogen launches Cannabis company with a difference

12 May 2021

Seth Rogen is an actor and comedian who is arguably just as famous for his love of weed as his film roles. The winner of two legendary High Times “stoner of the year,” titles, Rogen is also the man behind some of the classic stoner movies of the modern-day such as Pineapple Express. There is no doubt that he is up there in the legend status with cannabis ambassadors such as Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson.

Seth loves weed, famously stating that he smokes all day long and has been stoned in practically every scene in every movie he has ever made. A feat that even Cheech Marin of the infamous cinema’s stoner duo Cheech and Chong cannot lay claim to, having said in the past that he never got high whilst working.

“I wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee and roll a joint” “I continue smoking weed u until I go to sleep. I often wake in the night and have a few hits of a joint if I’m not sleeping well”.

The association with weed does overshadow Rogen’s acting work at times, but that’s something he accepts. “Sometimes people expect me to try and wiggle out from under being a very famous stoner” “But truthfully, that is a worthy thing to me. I’m as proud of it as anything”.

Rogen has used this unashamed love of weed to his advantage by setting up his cannabis line with partner Evan Goldberg in 2019. “Houseplant” was originally a line of pre-rolled joints and soft gel capsules sold in several legal Canadian provinces. As of March 11th this year, however, they have expanded into the lucrative US market. They are selling a curated selection of cannabis strains and a line of cannabis lifestyle home goods.

If you look at Seth’s social media feeds, you will see that he has a passion for pottery as well as cannabis. With the growth of the legal cannabis industry in the US and Canada, Seth spotted a hole in the market for smokers who wanted a more sophisticated and stylish level to their smoking set-up.

Houseplant has been born out of a passion for not only cannabis but also art and design. It stems from a very personal desire of the founders to have nice things.  This passion for design is the real point of difference with Houseplant, compared to many other celebrity-endorsed cannabis/lifestyle lines.

“We are trying to consider people who smoke weed in a way that they have not been before” “Alcohol has martini shakers, wine glasses and corkscrews. If you smoke weed, there is none of that. There are Bic lighters, and you are ashing into a mug half the time”

There is also a block table lighter and a set of 3 12” vinyl records, named “Sativa”, “Indica”, and “Hybrid”. Each vinyl is a specially curated mixtape for easy listening, depending on what strain of weed you are smoking. More products will be added regularly.

In terms of cannabis Flower, at the time of launch, Houseplant has three strains available. One Indica, Pink Moon and 2 Sativas, Pancake Ice and Diablo Wind. To bring you the best weed, Rogen and Goldberg have personally tested hundreds of strains. “Its just the weed that I love that I want to be smoking” said Rogen on his Instagram stories.

However, as you would expect, the weed Rogen “likes” to smoke is not for the faint-hearted, with the THC percentage being very high! The Pancake ice comes from a lineage of Chem Dog and Mandarin cookies and is around 33% THC. Diablo Wind has parentage of Jack Herer and G-13 Haze and is upward of 25% THC. Houseplant’s only Indica offering at present, Pink Moon, originates from Tangie and Kosher Kush and is also estimated to have a THC% up in the high twenties-low thirties.

Houseplant products have already won Gold at the Clio Cannabis awards in 2019 for packaging and brand design.  The focus on design continues through with the design and packaging of the Flower lines. Houseplants strains come in small square stacking tins, simply and plainly coloured Orange for Sativa strains and Purple for Indica.

You can see that Rogen and Goldberg have focused on really raising the bar when it comes to design within the cannabis industry. They have focused on producing a quality brand with a distinctive “Mid-century modern” look. The founders have taken a disciplined approach to researching who their consumer is and what the ideal “holistic” Houseplant experience should look like.

The design aspect is not the only thing that sets Houseplant apart from other Cannabis brands. They have a social conscience, too and hope to make a difference to the cannabis industry through integrity and a commitment to social justice.

Both Rogen and Goldberg, as founders, recognise that starting their cannabis lifestyle brand comes with a challenge. To change the unjust and racist cannabis legislation that is still in place today. “We understand our responsibility to help right those wrongs and are dedicated to creating a more diverse, equitable cannabis industry.”

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