Seth Rogen Launches Mentorship for Canna Entrepreneurs

Liz Filmer
21 Mar 2022

Houseplant, the cannabis brand owned by Seth Rogen, has announced its intention to mentor local cannabis businesses. The brand has sent out emails to subscribers advertising the prospect. 

With social responsibility at the core of Houseplant's mission, the team is constantly looking for new forms of giving back to the cannabis community. Last year, this ushered them into devising a pilot program called "In-House". They provided resources and guidance to cannabis entrepreneurs from underinvested-in communities.

The 'In-House' program is a mentorship program concentrated on helping those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs obtain a fair and equal opportunity to thrive in the cannabis industry. The free, six-month-long program allows start-up cannabis entrepreneurs a close-knit pass to the Houseplant company's vast web of consultants and industry authorities. 

The program is only a part-time commitment of 5-10 hours per month, making it accessible to people with other responsibilities. The program enquires about an individual's cannabis business and asks if the candidate has a social equity license in California. If not, it asks, "Do you consider yourself to have been impacted negatively by the criminalisation of cannabis?"

Houseplant has already begun this program with one mentor sharing their experience. "The mentors made themselves extremely accessible. "I knew about cultivation, but I needed help running a business. The In-House team gave me a ton of help".

Seth Rogen founded Houseplant with Evan Goldberg and launched the company in March 2019 in Canada in partnership with Canopy Growth. The partnership ended after two years, and Houseplant launched its product line of signature strains, pre-rolls and weed focused home products in California in March 2021.

Rogen has long been an advocate for cannabis and has been involved in other campaigns, such as "Cannabis in Common" in November 2021. Alongside well-known faces, Rogen appeared in a video clarifying the current situation surrounding cannabis in the U.S. and the significance of reaching out to state representatives to achieve federal legalisation. 

"Despite what you may have heard, Americans can actually agree on something. And that something is weed. You know who cannot agree on anything though? Politicians. So despite the fact that 69 percent of us want cannabis legal, less than half of Senators have come out in favor. In fact, some won't even say where they stand on the issue at all." 

The statement concluded by calling on weed enthusiasts nationwide to act now. "Legalising cannabis for good is long past due, but we can make it happen if we make enough noise."

Rogen and Goldberg are also continuing with their film and TV work and are currently working together on several projects. The duo is already executive producer on multiple other tasks, such as The Boys spinoff and Darkwing Duck. Additionally, Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen recently accepted the "Public Leadership in Neurology Award" for their work supporting families impacted by dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This is an honour previously awarded to Michael J. Fox, Julie Andrews, Emilia Clarke, and others. The Rogen's have raised more than $15 million for the cause via their nonprofit organisation, "Hilarity for Charity".

Liz Filmer