"Cookies" Coming to the UK

Liz Filmer
17 May 2024

High-profile, celeb-backed cannabis brand Cookies will be available in the UK and Europe very soon. The company just inked an agreement to distribute dried flowers and extracts in partnership with the Portugal-based biotech company SOMAÍ.

The deal will allow SOMAÍ to exclusively cultivate, manufacture, and distribute on behalf of Cookies, and will see a wide spectrum of branded products being launched in the UK, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Poland, and the Czech Republic before the end of 2024.

Cookies has already cemented its position as one of the most well-known cannabis brands in the world. Founded back in 2010 by West Coast Rapper Berner, the company currently boasts more than 70 retail sites in over 20 markets and 6 countries.

Under the deal, an associate of SOMAÍ will produce Cookies licensed genetics at indoor farming facilities in Portugal, and import Cookies products to be distributed across Europe.

Cannabis Flower grown under the terms of the deal will also be used to create Cookies oral drops, vape oils, soft gel capsules and gummies in a bid to satisfy the needs of the expanding medical cannabis markets in countries including the UK and Germany.

“Germany is an exciting market for multiple reasons, the energy and vibe around legalisation is contagious and is opening doors for Europe. “The UK has been fascinated with California cannabis and helped build the hype on some of the biggest strains in the USA. I can’t express how ready I am to share our genetics with Europe.”- Berner, CEO and founder of the Cookies brand.

Cookies branded products are expected to hit the UK and Europe in July. “Making a product line of extracts for Cookies is a global product that we hope to bring to more countries as they allow cannabis extracts” - Michael Sassano, founder and CEO of SOMAÍ.

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