"Cookies" Launch in UK

Liz Filmer
23 Jan 2022

Undoubtedly, the most significant cannabis culture brand of the moment, Cookies, has announced that it will be opening stores throughout Europe, including here in the UK.

.The famous brand has dispensaries throughout the USA and was founded by West Coast Rapper Berner and grow expert Jai. 
The two visionary founders': Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain remains one of the most sought-after in the world. From their beginnings in a garage in San Francisco to the global success they are seeing now, their goal has always been the same. It's about authenticity and innovative genetics that speak for themselves. Cookies take pride in their in-house cultivation, global varieties, and a full lineup of strain-specific products.

The iconic US brand has secured a business deal with Israeli cannabis company Intercure. Together they will open Cookies branded CBD and medicinal cannabis stores. The option is also there for them to trade as pharmacies to serve the emerging European cannabis market. Intercure has successfully operated Cookies stores in Israel with a similar business model.

The first Cookies store is expected to begin trading in London around springtime. The location of the store, however, is yet to be confirmed. The company will start its operation by selling CBD products only to avoid regulatory red tape. 

Concerning the rollout and initial product offering, Intercure CEO Alexander Ravinovitch stated, "Vaping is a vital element of the strategy, so we will also launch a couple of high quality vaping Cookies products. Once the regulations are in place, we can also serve the patient community. There is huge potential and support for the Cookies brand and products."

 Ravinovitch emphasised how the UK's medical community must foremost build more confidence in cannabis as a safe and effective treatment before they can replicate the success seen in the Israeli medicinal cannabis market.

"Regulations are fundamental. The regulation comes with the support of the physicians and the doctor community. Once you have the right regulations and the doctor communities gather enough confidence in medical cannabis products, you will see the same trends in all major territories. Israel is a few years ahead of all other international markets, representing the future of international cannabis. It has a very active local competitive landscape, and we have seen growth since its inception. This kind of set the stage for support from the doctor communities and the patient side."

Liz Filmer