Hip Hop and Weed, the Legacy

Liz Filmer
13 Feb 2023

Hip-hop and cannabis will always be linked. So inevitably, successful cannabis-friendly rappers do well in the weed game. Unfortunately, many rappers try to make it in the legal cannabis industry, but not everyone has top-shelf cannabis. Here are some of the most successful ones.


Berner is the uncontested king of rapper weed and one of the most-known figures in the entire legal industry. He brought the Cookies cannabis strains to the world and brand with the same name, starting in California. Since then, the brand has expanded across the USA as well as internationally in locations such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. Cookies have expanded to have multiple successful brands, including Lemonnade, Runtz, Cookies CBD Collins Ave, Minntz, Powerzzzup and Grandiflora.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most infamous weed smokers there is. The brand "Leafs by Snoop" includes edibles, concentrates, and flowers. Analysis has shown that Leafs By Snoop is one of the most recognizable cannabis brands out there currently.


Jay-Z's experiences and expertise have made him the first rapper billionaire. His company, Monogram, offers high-quality weed in elegant all-black containers. Each strain is produced with assistance from Jay-Z to guarantee the looks, tastes, and smells earn their luxury title.


Xzibit is behind Napalm Cannabis Co's Grenade pre-roll — one of the craziest pre-rolled products consisting of a huge eight-gram log with a glass tip. Break that down into its parts. You have seven grams of premium flower, one gram of live resin, and unique terpene-infused rolling papers. Their collaborations with Cookies always sell out constantly. 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has a lineup of cannabis strains via the "Cookies" brand. Whether it's a nod to his Lemon Pepper wings or his love for the Miami Heat, the "Collins Ave" cannabis line helps tell the lore of Rick Ross. Rick Ross also has a hemp company that is run in collaboration with Rap Snacks and Hempacco, known as "Hemp Hop Smokeables".

Wiz Khalifa

The handcrafted Khalifa Kush, with OG Kush genetics and sour lemon flavours, holds a place as one of the most popular strains in the state of Nevada. Wiz Khalifa built an empire around his stoned-out lyrics, and Khalifa Kush represents his love for all things weed. Khalifa Kush has recently revealed an exclusive partnership with MSO Trulieve to bring Wiz's creations to Florida.


B-Real is another prolific stoner and rapper. He runs his Dr Greenthumb's dispensaries in California which are named after one of the most famous Cypress Hill songs; B-Real's dispensaries stock great brands and products from other hip-hop moguls like Xzibit and Berner.

Ice Cube

 Ice Cube is well known for branching out into new things. Aside from trying his hand at acting, Ice Cube established his cannabis line, Fryday Kush, after his famous 1995 movie, Friday. Fryday Kush is not for those with a low tolerance, boasting up to 46.2% THC. It is currently sold in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oklahoma.




Liz Filmer