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Advanced PK

N-P-K Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are basic nutrients essential to grow healthy and strong plants. These elements are present in the vast

Cannabis Seed isn’t Germinating

What to do Next… Cannabis seeds are very easy to germinate, within a few days after being exposed to water, and warmth, most seeds would

How To Hide Cannabis In Your Garden

If you’ve been smoking cannabis for a while, you may have learned to sneak around a bit to do your business. Cannabis has been legal

European Plant Of The Year 2019

European Plant Of The Year 2019

Category Autoflowering: Candy Dwag Autoflower from Seed Stockers Category CBD Strains: Purplediol Autofloreciente CBD from Élite Seeds Category Classics: Cachalote from Gea Seeds Category Hybrids:

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