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A World Of Hash

For thousands of years hash has been used for medicinal use, spiritual enhancement, medicine or for social scenarios. Depending on where in the world you


Advertorial Provithor

Microdosing Thortruffles. Biohacking against toxic stress Open blister – put truffles on tongue – wash down with a drink of something. Repeat daily and watch


Sensimilla Sensitivity

A good friend of mine was complaining recently that every time he has a smoke he gets a runny, nose. It was only when he

Decarboxylation and Solubilization

Decarboxylation and Solubilization

Cannabis Butter   Raw cannabis is generally non-intoxicating but may have some psychoactive effects depending on how much free THC is present versus THCA. Patients

CBD Microdosing

CBD Microdosing

What is CBD Microdosing? We know that CBD can be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and nausea. But there can be

Tasty Tasty Terpenes

Tasty Tasty Terpenes

Until recently THC and CBD were the buzz words when it came to talking about weed. THC of course is the compound within cannabis that

British public backs legalisation of cannabis

UK Legal Medical Cannabis…well not quite

As I am writing this short news debriefing it seems that everyone today on TV and online is talking about the recent announcement coming from

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