Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!

Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!
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Wishing you a sweet and therapeutic 2019

For Sweet Seeds®, the beginning of 2019, the last year of the this decade, marks the culmination of a rigorous process of élite clone search and selection for the breeding of new, high-yielding, easy-to-grow hybrids with marvellous aromas and tastes, as signs of an identity that has never changed over the years, since the day when this great seed bank was founded.
For this new 2019 season, Sweet Seeds has developed a range of new products that will delight all home growers and cannabis lovers. Whatever your preference is – tall sugary autos, US genetics, medical cannabis – you will fall in love with the star of the season, an exquisite and remarkable strain with red flowers that joins our Red Family, this time in a photoperiod dependent version.
Our new red-flower ‘photoperiod’ – with ultra-rapid flowering – named Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® (SWS79) has finally come to the fore to show us all its beauty and splendour – after various years of search, selection and development of the tastier photoperiod specimens. Our original goal was to meet the needs of a large number of customers, forum members and followers of Sweet Seeds® in social networks who, after the astounding success of our auto-flowering Red Family, were seeking a new product that was as good, beautiful, stable as the original plant, but this time in a photoperiod version.
Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!
Had we been able to launch this strain 5 years ago, when our customers first requested it, we would have done it! But good work needs time, patience and devotion. And now we can finally roll out a red-flowered plant that is compliant to the Sweet Seeds® standard and stands out for its aromatic perfection, unsurpassed quality level, and a seed germination rate of approximately 95%.
Based on our previous successes, we thought the best way to close the decade was to cross a rare and infrequent red-flower phenotype, with a great aroma and an intense tangerine taste, i.e. the photoperiod élite clone of Tangie (California Orange x a Skunk hybrid), with our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39).
The result is a bright red strain, which we named Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version® for its superior tangerine notes. This plant is very elegant, resinous and embellished by awesome red flowers and is ready to be harvested after only 7-8 weeks from the change to the flowering photoperiod.
Our hard work finally rewarded us with probably the best smelling red-flower variety available on the market. Its powerful sweet tangerine aroma, with fresh hints of blue cypress, makes it an ideal choice to produce fresh off-the-bud extracts standing out for the quality of their aroma. Another unique quality is the reddish and rosy hues of its resin coating.
Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!
Nowadays, quality plants are trend-setters in a dynamic, rapidly changing virtual world where the USA still leads the scene for its glorious tradition. Cannabis is no exception to this tendency and all plants that meet with success in the USA, will soon achieve it in the rest of the world, including Europe.
Year after year, we receive different élite clones from the USA, which we select and cross with our classics to create offspring meeting the tastes of the most demanding cannabis consumers and growers.
This time, using various select élite female clones of Do-Si-Dos as starting material, we developed a cannabis masterpiece (its name comes from the US highly popular Do-Si-Dos ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ produced from a mix of oat and peanut butter and a unique aromatic and sweet flavour).
The genetics we used is much appreciated among medical cannabis users in Californian dispensaries to treat pain, headache, anxiety, insomnia, etc. After a programme of selection and improvement, we obtained a final product which is also pleasant and sweet. This is how Do-Sweet-Dos® (SWS80) was born, a plant with sweet earthy aromas and a citric/floral backdrop. Its exaggerated resin cover and the large size of calices in its flowers call to mind the quality of its ancestor Girl Scout Cookies. The effect is relaxing and powerful.
Another remarkable Sweet Seeds® product, with a similar US origin, equally required an arduous selection, improvement and development work. It is an auto version of one among the most potent and famous American lines coming from the San Francisco bay. Our new Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) results from the hybridisation of Gelato, one of the most appreciated plants of the Cookies family, and our Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56).
Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!
We used OG Kush genetics to introduce auto-flowering genes into this new delicious strain of the Sweet Seeds® collection. As a 5th generation auto strain, Sweet Gelato Auto® releases a sweat and fruity aroma, with earthy notes, citric and minty hues, and dense buds. Yield is high. Its long big-headed trichomes make it a highly resinous plant.
Whether you use it as a mild natural remedy or for tasty smoking with no psychotropic effect, you will soon realise the qualities of the new Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75). It is the first Sweet Seeds® auto strain that makes a generational leap to the 6th generation, away from its old Ruderalis origin, with only 0.4% of Ruderalis traits and it is also the first Sweet Seeds® CBD-pure auto strain with very low THC levels ranging between 0.4 and 0.9%, whereas the CBD rate spans from 8% to 21%.
With this strain, your smoking or vaping experience will be unique. Be ready to inhale a true delicacy, without the psychoactive effect of THC-rich marihuana. For this very reason, it also suits therapeutic cannabis consumers, who do not like the psychotropic effects of THC.
Sweet Pure Auto CBD® is the result of crossing and selecting CBD-rich and THC-poor specimens; more specifically we crossed the photoperiod-sensitive Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS70) with Honey Peach Auto CBD® (SWS64), a CBD-rick auto.
The aromas of this strain are sweet and fruity, with citric notes and a few cypress touches. You will be amazed by this ‘CBD-pure’ auto – very sweet and pleasant, smelling like the modern hybrids we are all used to, with minimum psychoactive effects but maximum taste.
Sorbets, tangerines and cookies!
However, if the qualities of this new extraordinary plant do not suit you, you should not miss the greatest of all in our new collection, two new plants we have just added to our tall “XL Auto” family. Plant them in your grow tent or garden and, before long, they will grow huge.
Then all you have to do is grab a loaf… and some large rolling paper and get ready to taste a plateful of our famous spicy cured cheese in extra large version, Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77), a present for your palate in this 2019 season.
If you have already tasted our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33), in our catalogue since 2012, you already know what we are talking about. But your glass jars this time will be filled with loads of buds produced from a much bigger (75-140 cm) and consequently more productive plant. It can be harvested at only 8 weeks from seed germination, without sacrificing taste. Indeed, the typical intense and sweetish Skunk aroma of this Sweet Cheese® (SWS19) has remained unchanged. Its cured cheese base – with a spicy flavour and slight touches of lemon – will please your palate.
Sweet Seeds
Another auto of the Sweet Seeds® genetic library that directly feeds on the magic potion of growth is our most famous and classic Jack 47 XL Auto® (SWS78), a Sativa-dominant plant. For 2019, make sure you do not miss growing this great product in your garden, developed after a recurring selection – which lasted several generations – of tall high-yielding individuals of Jack 47 Auto® (SWS31).
Plants are tall (65-130 cm), with abundant and compact buds full with resin and giving off an excellent aroma. Apart from the sweet and fresh smell, with lemon and incense notes making it so special, this strain is probably among the most potent autos.
Before saying goodbye, we wish to thank you for the confidence placed in Sweet Seeds and propose again our special promotion with 1 and 2 free seeds in packs of 3 and 5 seeds respectively. We also increased our strain selection in the maxi packs of 25 and 100 seeds.
Sweet Seeds
Sweet Seeds capitalises on its knowledge and passion for cannabis by improving genetics, expanding its offers and meeting the needs of its consumers, i.e. not merely the most demanding home growers but also all cannabis gourmets.
In 2019, we present you with 6 sweet novelties! They all come with the quality warranty of Sweet Seeds®, i.e. prime, highly aromatic and resinous cannabis products, with a femininity percentage of around 99.9% and a germination rate in excess of 95%. That’s all folks for now. We wish you a sweet smoking and vaping experience!

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