Quality before price

More and more hobbyist growers find the quality of the used grow materials to be more important than their prices. Ater all, the end result is destined for own consumption. The hobby is to get as much weight of the plants as possible with a maximum quality. This means that every factor that can be of influence is important.  

Take grow tents for instance. Grow tents come in lots of different sorts, sizes and brands. There is a lot of difference between quality and price. A brand that is known as best of the best in grow tents is Gorilla Grow Tents. The American brand has recently became available in Europe en is spreading around the continent fast. The people at BestGrowProducts.com, who introduced Gorilla to the big audience in Europe, know more about this.  

“Gorilla Grow Tents is an arrived brand in the US for quite some time and is known for manufacturing absolute top quality products. Unfortunately, they were not availble in Europe yet. We did notice an increasing interest amongst our customers and followers. Because we primaraly have products in our range that are known as best of the best, the brand Gorilla fits us perfectly. We contacted the people at Gorilla and a few weeks later, we had the first tents in stock. Gorilla sales went off from that moment en we are now handling Gorilla distribution in Europe. We are experiencing a lot of demand for Gorilla Grow Tents, because they are known to be the top in grow tents. There is a huge group of growers that want to use the best available materials no matter what. We are also experiencing this with our other products like KIND LED grow lights, AIR-POTS and The Neutralizer products.”

But what makes one grow tent better than another grow tent?

“The difference is mainly in the the materials that were used and the finishing. The thickness and density of the fabric has a great influence on the level of protection against light, sound and odour. The finishing is also of influence one these factors and mostly determines how long a tent will last. When the seams are not good, they will tear easy when under preasure, for instance by building up or taking down the tent. There also is a lot of difference between the frames zippers that are used by the different grow tent Brands.”

Why Gorilla?

“For Gorilla, the manufacturers have chosen the thickest and densest fabric that is available and they have used big, industrial zippers and a steel frame that can easily carry 135 kilo’s. The finishing is perfect, which ensures that a Gorilla grow tent will last a lifetime, even when you built it up and take it down more often. There is a pricetag on that, because Gorilla Grow Tents are about the most expensive grow tents available. But once you purchased one you understand why that is and you never want anything else anymore.”

Extra cool features of Gorilla Grow Tents are the infrared blocking roof and of course the height of the tents. Gorilla tents already have a standard height of 210 centimeters, but can be raised to no less than 240 centimeters with an included Extension Kit. This makes Gorilla tents the highest available grow tents, which brings a lot of extra advantages. 


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