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Soft Secrets could participate in the first tasting of one of the newest, particularly excellent auto-flowering plants from Dinafem, the Critical Cheese Auto. 


Skunk is a legendary strain that left an indelible mark in the growing of marihuana. The name skunk, which calls to mind the homonymous animal, is associated with a type of highly scented marihuana, standing out for its psychoactivity, the simple type of cultivation it requires and its great robustness. Critical Mass and Cheese are two examples of the level of excellence that can be achieved by growers in the creation of Skunk. Critical Mass is Spain’s first-ranking award-winner product, and is particularly popular and famous nationwide, with outstanding robustness and yield, an intense scent and a sweet taste. A comparable prodigy in the UK is Cheese, which is among the most appreciated strains, especially for its intense taste.

Both of the above progenitor plants of the new strain are highly scented and their taste is full. With Critical Cheese Auto, Dinafem intended to obtain a product combining the characteristic of being auto-flowering with an intense taste. A crossbreed was therefore designed which captured this Skunk essence, with a very powerful taste and smell, appreciably resinous and with a strong effect.

How the strain was created

Unlike other seed banks directly crossing two feminised auto plants, Dinafem uses its wide variety of genotypes to create a crossbreed starting from males and females having inherited the original genetics of Critical and Exodus Cheese. Following the selection and stabilisation of desired traits, a further step is the selection of parents for feminisation. In this process, preference is given to individuals showing the most intense scent, in order to achieve an auto plant where this aspect is particularly conspicuous.


Obviously, before putting the crossbreed on the market, intensive tests are being conducted by Dr Kush’s team. Plants have been grown in different conditions, with very satisfactory results. Structurally, plants grow rapidly and with thin leaves. Internodes are long and plants are tall.

The full growth process from seed to harvest involves around 70 days. The plant requires good fertilisation with high EC levels which may exceed 2.0 at the height of fertilisation.


Plants are grown with an average THC that may be above 12%, while CBD already starts to be appreciable with quantities of around 0.4%. As explained by Dr Kush, a few auto-flowering lines are being developed by Dinafem in order to gradually increase their CBD level in view of medicinal uses. They are also considering the fact that most growers of auto-flowering plants are beginners, and therefore prefer balanced psychoactivity with CBD content.

Tasting and conclusions

These plants have a smell and taste that will leave you very happy. A sweeter taste of Critical is also perceptible together with the lactic flavour of Cheese, with a slight predominance of the Cheese aspect. This is due to the fact that Dinafem started its process with the original Exodus Cheese clone, with a distinguishably strong smell. This distinctive character is reflected in Critical Cheese Auto which presents an unmistakable Cheese imprint, although smoothed out by Critical.

It also inherits the good yield and robustness of Critical, which makes it a definitively complete, easy-to-grow, high-yielding crossbreed with a very attractive taste!

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