18 Things on Your Cannabis Bucket List

Stephen Andrews
15 Dec 2023

Cannabis culture is big. There are so many things that cannabis lovers should do at least once during their lifetime of medicating with the herb. Some of you have probably already been there in many of the situations given below in this article. All of them are important milestones that you should (carefully) consider checking off on your cannabis bucket list so that one day you can say: "Oh, I’ve done it all!"

1. Smoke Kief from the Grinder

Kief is the concentrated form of marijuana trichomes. It’s highly potent and it can save you just when you realize that you no longer have any weed at home. Where to find it? Kief collects on the equipment that you use to handle the weed buds. The more buds you process with your grinder for example, the more dusty kief particles fall and stick on it. When you go for the kief on your grinder, it really is a night to remember. 

2. Try to Grow a Plant

Even if you are the last person on earth who would ever grow weed, you should still give it a try at some point. You don’t have to buy any special equipment for your little experiment. Just start a seedling, place it under a source of light, water it, and see how it goes. 

3. Sneak Some Weed at a Concert 

Every concert is better when you smoke a little weed. Just a few puffs when you are in the middle of the crowd can really make all the difference. When concert-goers around you notice that strange smell and start to turn around searching for the source, seeing their facial expression is precious. Just make sure security doesn’t kick you out of the venue. That won’t be nice. 

4. Buy a Joint from a Coffeeshop in Amsterdam 

California is great. But if life takes you to Amsterdam, you do visit some of the city’s iconic, dim-lit coffeshops. Also, don’t forget to behave yourself. Don’t be one of those rowdy tourists who make noise on the streets or are stupid enough to jump in the channel. Just enjoy the city and the effect of Dutch weed.  

5. Wear Dreadlocks

For those friends with longer hair, it would be a pity not to try wearing dreadlocks at some point in your life. Just remember that it’s not the best idea to opt for this style before having an international trip. Custom officers still have the habit to stop and search for drugs just because of your looks. And that’s their sin. 

6. Prepare Cannabutter 

Cannabutter is the main ingredient in so many classic edible snacks. Preparing cannabutter for the first time is about learning how smelly this process can get, ruining your weed, and thinking that maybe next time you’ll just buy some from the local shop. 

7. Devour the Fridge When You Get the Munchies

Some strains of cannabis are particularly prone to make you hungry. If you haven’t shopped for groceries, the choices in your fridge might be limited. But this is the perfect occasion to experiment with the most unusual combinations of food. You will either find a new favorite pairing of sweet and sour or suffer constipation the next day. 

8. Hotbox with Your Best Pal

People do hotboxes to get more high. Hotboxing means sitting in a small unventilated space such as a closet or a car, smoking tons of weed all while inhaling the secondhand smoke that comes from those joints. It can be hilarious, and you should try how it goes at least once. It can also be a special moment of bonding with friends. As long as a cop doesn’t knock on your window and ruin all the fun. 

9. Take a Hit from the Bong 

Bongs don’t have to be your go-to method of delivery option. Still, hitting the bong is something that every weed connoisseur should have in their experience. The ideal scene includes listening to selected works from Cypress Hill as the bong circles from one friend to another on a messy table littered with ash, unused crutches for joints, and lost crumbles from dried flower. 

cannabis bucket list things to do

10. Share Weed with a Total Stranger

Weed connects people, and this postulation is in the heart of cannabis culture. When someone you don’t know approaches you to ask for a few puffs, the bon ton is to share. It can also be your initiative. Such as giving weed along with a warm meal to a homeless person; it will make their day a little bit better. 

11. Get Stoned at a Popular Tourist Spot

Cannabis lore says that Willie Nelson smoked weed with the president’s son on the roof of the White House. So can you by the Statue of Liberty for example. What is your favorite landmark site or monument where you want to get high one day or go stoned there? Add that to your cannabis bucket list and don’t think too much about it.  

12. Have Sex While You’re High

The therapeutic qualities of cannabis include muscle relaxation and anxiety relief. Which is something everyone needs for enjoying great intercourse. Having sex after you toke can be some of your most memorable experiences. All body sensations are better felt after weed, including the orgasm. 

13. Cheat on a Drug Test

Drug tests searching for THC are not cool. Instead, you are cool if you manage to cheat on a drug test. It's also OK if you fail the test and have a great story to share after that. Those who invented drug tests shall not be forgiven easily. 

14. Roll a Cross Joint

They are not the most practical joints to roll, but rolling a cross joint demonstrates your commitment that you are willing to try all different types of joints and enjoy weed in all the ways possible. Which is simply natural if you are a huge fan of the plant. 

15. Share a Spliff with Your Parents

Just like you might share a brandy with your mom and dad, you can as well share a few smokes. Parents and other close relatives are usually not the first people that come to your mind when thinking where and with whom to toke. But see it as a great fun and possibly as a way to strengthen your bond. 

16. Lie to a Cop That You Don’t Have Weed

Well, hopefully the situation doesn't end up too bad for you. If he or she is a nice cop, maybe you can ask them out for a smoke with you. Of course, afterwork if they are available. 

17. Support a Local Weed Shop

If you live in a legal state, support the small businesses and the small growers that you stumble upon in your neighborhood. Plus, there are very good chances that they have some excellent craft cannabis that is hard to find elsewhere. 

18. Support Legalization

The struggle for legalization is real. Prohibition is probably one of the stupidest things that has happened to mankind. If you are in a position to support a local movement or advocates for cannabis legalization, just do it. The movement can always use an extra helping hand, more people and resources to push things forward. 

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