11 Winter Activities for When You’re High

Stephen Andrews
12 Dec 2023

Life seems to stop for a moment when the cold season arrives. For many people it’s like wishing for the summer to be back. Still, there are plenty of activities that you can engage in during wintertime and highly enjoy those months. Why not take this list and do it all, making some pleasant memories along the way all while you’re stoned.

1. Getting High on a Movie Night 

When the weather gets so cold that you don’t want to leave your house, that’s probably the perfect time to watch your favorite movie once again or get hooked on some new series. Or, you can check some of the essential stoner movies you haven’t seen. To do this while you are high as a kite is a classic situation. While weed might not help you remember the whole plot, it can sure bring you some good laughs. It’s even better if you’re watching with a group of friends who are stoned as much as you are. Chomping homemade fish sticks is all that matters in the meantime. 

2. Stroll Around the City While Stoned

Who said that you have to sit home all the time? Actually, getting some fresh air and oxygen is so much needed to keep the good spirits, no matter how freezing it is outside. If there’s a winter market or a festival somewhere downtown that’s a great occasion to go out and explore the city by foot. If you do this while stoned there are great chances that you will see something on your way that you didn’t notice before. It could be just about anything, such as a fine piece of old architecture that will make you wow for a moment. It can be like re-discovering the city where you live and getting a fresh perspective. 

3. Organize a Home Cannabis Cup with Friends 

You’ve probably heard about all the different cups in the U.S. and overseas where cannabis connoisseurs select the best strains on the market for the season. You can organize something like that with other friends who like to wake and bake. It can be a gathering every weekend where everyone participating brings the strain they are most fond of. You can create your own rules and criteria by how you rate the experience for each different weed that you try. This can include grading how much you enjoy the effect of the strain, its flavor and taste, the after effect from smoking, etc. It can be a great way to socialize through the long cold months and also discover new strains of cannabis you hadn’t tried before. 

4. Grow a Winter Strain 

If you like homegrowing your own herbs, you can grow in the spirit of the season. Some strains have genetic traits that make them more appropriate for growing in colder temperatures. Though, they still need to be taken care of indoors or in a greenhouse. Winter is the optimal season to grow some Northern Lights, Snow Bud, Wild Rose, or O.G. Kush to just name a few strains. If you haven’t tried growing winter cultivars, maybe now is the time to start out. 

5. Build a Snow Bong 

What’s that? It’s exactly what it says it is: a bong made of snow. You can make bong out of packed snow just like you would make any other figure or structure. That’s certainly a unique activity, or better said a challenge, that stoners can take during the winter. It may take a bit more patience and creativity to create a functional snow apparatus from which you can inhale weed. But if you manage so, it will certainly be a memory that stays with you for the rest of your life. Here’s a short video on YouTube that might give you some inspiration. 

6. Experiment with a New Infused Recipe

Staying more time inside means you have more time for activities around the house, such as preparing snacks or even full meals laced with marijuana. There are nowadays all kinds of resources to learn how to cook with cannabis. It can be the internet or a special cookbook with all sorts of recipes starting from appetizers and all the way to luscious desserts. Basically, you can prepare any meal that has butter or oil in the recipe, just substitute the normal butter/oil with an infused one. If you are not so much experienced with edibles, do remember that in the beginning it’s good to start with taking little and test how it works its way in the body. 

7. Get High and Attend a Concert or Stand-up Comedy

Some people get anxious when they are high and they find themselves in a big crowd. Others just enjoy being part of the crowd when they are under the influence of their favorite flower. If you are the second type, what better way than to get high before going to see a local concert, or perhaps a standup performance by your favorite comedian. A few takes from the joint can result in a great evening. 

8. Just Watch the Snow Fall 

Snow has this magical power to transform the cityscape. Watching how everything gets covered under the white blanket of snowflakes can pump up pure joy in the heart. It’s no wonder why snow has inspired so many poets, writers, and artists throughout history. Despite not being as thrilling as other cool stoner activities, watching a snowfall is sure to bring you peace. So, take a seat near your window and enjoy the flaky snow show with some selected ambient music in the background. 

9. Gaze at the Starry Night 

Stargazing can be both fun and meditative at the same time. If it’s something you haven’t done in a while, you’ll find it refreshing. You can do it alone or with friends. Choosing a nice spot in the park or by the lake might be perfect as it can add to the serenity and peacefulness of the scene. Winter has some of the clearest skies, so it can be ideal to brush up your knowledge on the stars and constellations up there. There are great chances that the attempt will be a failure when you’re stoned. Though, fairly speaking, it’s now easier than ever to scan the night sky with all the apps available. To make it more fun you can try out a new weed product you haven’t tried before, such as a vape pen for example. Then maybe you’ll find Jupiter!

10. Build a Snowman While Stoned

Building a snowman is probably one of your favorite wintertime memories as a child. Now when you’re an adult, what better way to spark fun again into this kind of activity if not by getting high before you do it. Weed may also activate your creative brain so who knows what kind of snowman creation you end up with in the end. Anyhow, it can be a great way to de-stress and just live in the moment. Finish the activity with warm tea where you can also add a few drops of CBD. 

11. Start a Snowball Fight

Snowball fight is the ultimate snow activity, probably a favorite to many people and equally tantalizing to so many others. If you don’t want to do pillow fights while high, you can definitely start a snowball fight. It’s a great way to practice precision skills and your locomotor system, which are likely impaired from all that THC that you put in your body. It will certainly work as a great therapy and exercise in any case. 

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