Combining Beer and Cannabis

Stephen Andrews
15 Nov 2023

Beer is thought to have helped the ancient Egyptians build their famous pyramids. Along with cannabis, it’s one of the oldest-known intoxicants used by humans as both a recreational and therapeutic agent. If there is anything more accommodating than just beer or just weed, for so many people the answer would be the combination of the two together. And there is a very good reason for that.

A lot of people routinely enjoy cannabis and beer in combination together. Beer is one of the most tolerable alcohols that can reinforce the sensation of high. Apart from the fact that beer is not as heavy a drink, flavor is another very important aspect that can explain why this combo is a win-win for so many

Cannabis and hops used in processing beer are both members of the Cannabaceae family of plants, a family that counts more than 170 plant species. 

Hops are the flowers or cones from a plant called Humulus lupulus, and they are used to maintain beer freshness and longevity. A key component of the beer’s aroma and taste, hops is also what helps the world’s number one booze retain its foamy head.  

Cannabis and hops share a lot of things in common. Both have similar physical traits and similar chemical content. For example, both produce resinous green flowers rich in terpenoid content, which gives pungent odors and pleasing tastes. 

Just like terpenes determine the olfactory profile of cannabis strains, they also do for beer. Some of the most common terpenes, such as myrcene, pinene, and humulene, are found in both cannabis and hops flowers

This may also explain why people use the same description when they talk about weed and beer: earthy, skunky, fruity, floral, sour, etc. 

How to Pair Beer and Weed? 

Mastering the art of pairing your indicas and sativas with ales, stouts and lagers is something that can take years of practice. While there are really no rules on how to combine cannabis and beer, when you make that extra effort in finding the right flavors of both, it can result in a greater aromatic-therapeutic enjoyment. 

For example, the sweetness of beer can counteract the bitterness of cannabis, so it’s like you get the best of both worlds. 

Sour beers in general make some of the best matches with marijuana. For everyone who enjoys sour beers, they’re great to try with strains like Sour OG or Sour Diesel. A strain such as 9 Pound Hammer, which has an emphasized fruity, grape-like flavor, can complement particularly well with a cherry sour beer. 

Stout beers are known for their deeper taste profile often enriched with authentic sweet undertones that come from roasted barley. That can sink well with strains that have citrusy hints such as Lemon Skunk or Rainbow Sherbet. 

IPAs on the other hand can match greatly with smoking Skunks. The yeast in ale generates an intense aromatic flavor that can neutralize the acrid quality of Skunk strains, which can be intensely bitter and poignant. 

Domination of Beer Flavor and Cannabis Effect 

While the rich taste of beer is very likely to subdue the taste of weed, it will ultimately also enhance the experience of high. The active compounds in both cannabis and hops will engage the endocannabinoid system to facilitate therapeutic and recreational bliss. However, it’s important to be mindful with consumption in order not to overwhelm your system. 

For the optimal outcome to be achieved, it’s important that cannabis and beer are taken in moderation. Choosing beers with less alcoholic content and cannabis strains with less rather than high THC levels will also determine the experience. Excess with each can result in fatigue, hangover, feeling nauseated and sick. When mixing weed with booze it’s also important to stay hydrated, have something to eat, and get enough hours of sleep. Don't drink/smoke and drive. 

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Stephen Andrews