Trying Out Strong THC Candy and Snacks

Stephen Andrews
23 Sep 2023

It’s another amazing year for infused THC edibles. The nation’s edibles market was worth $2.7 billion in 2022, a figure that will likely continue to climb this and next year. Infused candy and snacks are the favorite smokeless alternative to getting the good high. But they’re also an entirely different beast. So, it's good to be a little more careful or mindful with THC edibles, especially the more potent ones.

Whether you are chomping Midnight Bar’s Chocolate Banana Bar (the entire package is loaded with 200 mg of THC), or you’re indulging in Cali Flwr Farms Chili Mango gummies (these spicy, flavorful gummies are packed with 100 mg of THC), the pace with which you are going is really important. The more potent the snack, the slower you should go about it. 

The THC Limits Are There for a Reason

The most potent infused snacks and candy on the market are usually on the upper limit for THC. All legal states in the U.S. have potency restrictions that limit the amount of THC per serving. In a majority of states, the limit for individual serving size is 10 mg of THC; others only allow 5 mg per serving

The total amount of THC in a single edible product or package of infused snacks is also subject to restriction limits. For instance, in California, an infused chocolate bar could have no more than 100 mg of THC. Also, the chocolate needs to be divided in 10 pieces with 10 mg of THC. 

In states with lower limits, the total THC can be 50 mg for the whole package. Although, it would really depend from state to state. Some regulators are more specific. Michigan for example has separate limits for eatable products (100 mg of THC max) and drinkable products (200 mg of THC max). In Massachusetts, edibles should contain no more than 110 mg of THC. 

All of these different limits are there for a reason. Even a half piece of chocolate is enough THC that one can put in the body. And hopefully, you don’t smash the whole package alone in a day. 

The main difference with edibles is that THC goes in the body through the gut, and the effects are felt after an hour. When inhaling weed, the THC goes directly into the bloodstream and the high is imminent. 

Edibles take more time to hit, but they also generate a longer-lasting effect; the effects can linger on for anywhere between 3 and 6 hours. The more potent the infused snack, and the more you snack, the longer and stronger the high will be. Yet, it’s always tricky to make a full prediction or control how the edible will work. 

The Edibles Experience is Different for Everyone

There’s no magic formula with edibles that works the same for every single person. The key to good times is not so much to munch the most potent infused candy you can find, rather to know your dosage. Just like you know when is enough when you indulge in alcoholic beverages. You know how many sips you can take in the beginning, and you know which glass should be your last. In the same way, you should control how you snack that THC edible that you really enjoy. 

It’s important how your body reacts to edibles and to follow the main rule: go low and go slow. Finding out if edibles are really your way of putting cannabinoids in the body is a personal quest. 

Part of the fun with weed snacks is that, no matter how potent they might be, you go through a process where you make mistakes and have regrets when you overdo or even feel like you are missing out when it wasn’t so special. Through trial and error you are eventually able to perfect the habit and know what to do just like with pre-rolls. 

Microdosing is Always a Good Idea

Although the market standard is 10 milligrams of THC per serving, that doesn’t mean that you should have the whole dosage at once. A lot has been written and said about microdosing in the last few years. Microdosing is one of the optimal ways to consume any edible product and follow how your body responds to it. The philosophy is simple. A smaller chunk of chocolate is much better than eating the whole chunk. One piece of gummy is better than two. I’ll maybe have the second one an hour later. 

For those who've never given a go with edibles, the recommended dosage for first ingestion is no more than 3 milligrams of THC. The first experience will give you an idea whether you should increase the dosage to 5 mg or more the next time. Remember that it will take some time before the snack kicks in. It’s important to wait before you feel the effect and avoid taking more just because you’re feeling nothing 20 minutes after you munched. 

What else not to do or expect with edibles? Don’t follow how much others are doing. That’s unreliable. If you see that a higher dosage works fine for one of your friends there, the same might not be the case for you. It’s also hard to figure out how much edibles you can handle based on how much you usually smoke. You may be all fine with smoking three joints every day, but eating three servings with 10 mg of THC could really waste you much more than you ever thought. 

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