Czech Republic Drafts New Cannabis Laws

Liz Filmer
16 Jan 2024

The Czech government recently published draft regulations for cannabis cultivation and consumption but it is not the version that was expected.

The Czech Pirate Party has been a strong advocate of cannabis legalisation and described the new bill as a “compromise version,” and that they intend to negotiate in the future to get other important issues added

The draft bill includes rules concerning legal cannabis cultivation, the managing of cannabis clubs, sales, exports, and taxation. It also makes restrictions for production and sales as well as calling for the registration of cannabis users, small-time growers, and cannabis club attendees.

 “We have agreed on the self-cultivation of a limited number of plants. This will mean decriminalization for adults who grow a small amount of cannabis for their use,” 

 this version has yet to be reviewed by the government, so it could include a cannabis association that allows members to share their yields.

As it stands, cannabis is decriminalized in Czechia, but using it recreationally is still illegal, Czechia has one of the more liberal stances on cannabis in Europe, with people permitted to grow a maximum of five cannabis plants in their own home for personal use. The use of medicinal cannabis has been legal for 10 years.

Aside from the Czech Pirates, other political parties such as the KDU-ČSL (Christian and Democratic Union) oppose cannabis overall but still agree that cultivation regulation is necessary.

In April 2023, the Czech Cabinet announced a national effort to fix the country's addiction problem. It described a plan that would continue through 2025 to establish a legal, regulated cannabis market, that could bring in $CZK 15 billion per year. The plan would also aim to establish an agency to tackle prevention and treatment for those suffering from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and gambling addictions.

Additionally, in April, the government put forward regulations including consumption and possession levels, cultivation, consumer registration, and annual fees for farmers, businesses and distributors.

According to official 2022 data, more than 800,000 people in the Czech Republic use cannabis, with one-third of people admitting to trying it in the past.

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