Cannabis Genetics Trends for 2024

Liz Filmer
01 Feb 2024

THC potency remains by far the most important factor to consumers shopping for cannabis products, however, there are other factors driving genetics trends in the US market.

Cannabis industry experts are telling us that in 2024 more than ever, consumers are not just interested in getting as high as possible but also exploring the value of the following:

  • Terpene profiles of cannabis products.
  • Legacy strains bred with high-THC cultivars.
  • Minor cannabinoids like THCV and CBN.

Classics Crossed with High-THC Strains

People love the legacy strains names but high THC is what the people want. Breedinglegacy strains with THC strains increase potency and add a novelty factor


People are comfortable with cannabis products marketed as indica, sativa and hybrid categories, despite some being wary of the labels and whether they hold any meaningful information about the effects the products may have.

 There is a lot more to a strain profile, however, with the top of the list being the terpene content. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give each strain its distinctive smell and that are touted as having therapeutic benefits of their own.

Currently, U.S. consumers are favouring limonene and myrcene as the top two terpenes desired in their cannabis.”

Something high in myrcene for those that like indica strains will have a more balanced bouquet of terpenes. Whilst limonene, pinene or terpinolene are more desirable in Sativa strains.

Fruity, sweet terpene profiles are the order of the day and have been for some time but some commercial growers are hoping that consumers will begin to embrace the “cheesy” strains, that contain terpinolene, ocimene and myrcene. These are thought to be grossly underrated” terpenes, which are avoided by the masses as many people just can’t face the funk.

Minor Cannabinoids 

Research continues to prove new applications of cannabinoids and as a result, consumers are growing more and more interested in minor cannabinoids like CBN and THCV. THCV may be particularly helpful for consumers who want to focus and feel energized.

THCV creates a much more balanced feeling. There is strong psychoactivity but with energy and focus. CBN is also growing in popularity. Research is still in its infancy but CBN’s sleep-aid properties may be of appeal to some consumers.

It will be interesting to see what kinds of evidence science can uncover about minor cannabinoids soon and how they may be used alone or with other cannabinoids to produce bespoke effects.

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