The Trichome Bomb Hits the Target!


El Dorado OG is a full bodied indica that stands out from the crowd thanks to the intense bouquet of its terpene tones and the exceptional resin production of its buds that has earned this plant the nickname ‘The Trichome Bomb.’

There is Kush running through the foundations of this plant which has proved itself as a tower of stability and uniformity, spitting out ‘trichome bomb’ buds that so resinous they are literally double dipped in trichomes. A sophisticated indica (with Thin Mint GSC in the mix) Paradise Seeds has engineered a plant for day time and night time use, with impressive layers of aroma and taste. 

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Two seeds were given to expert grower, The Doc, for the purposes of this grow report. They were both germinated and planted in a soil mix, breaking the surface within 3 days. During  the early veg stage, both plants grew so uniformly that the Doc noted in his diary that they resembled a pair of clones. 

Growth through the veg stage was vigorous, the indica genetics producing plants that were stocky and bushy in their growth, establishing a solid scaffold of branches, covered in medium wide dark green leaves. At the end of the veg stage, the heights of the two plants were 32cm and 34cm.

Flowering Stage

El Dorado OG responded to the switch to flowering with a period of rapid growth and within six days there were signs of pre-flowering. In two weeks an accelerated stretch saw the plants double in height with both displaying a similar growth pattern; the main stem shooting up through the middle, surrounded by a plateau of numerous lateral branches below.

This trend continued and, after four weeks in flowering, the evenly distributed lateral branches were showing a multitude of tight packed calyxes upon which dense flower clusters. There was already an indication of the over productive nature of this plant, in relation to resin production, with a healthy display of trichomes. “Super resinous,” wrote the Doc in his grow diary. “Very early these have begun to ooze out lots of resin.”

As the plants approached harvest the development of the tops was most impressive, those excessive resin glands pumping so frosty they looked like a snow scene. Just before its climax this effect was complemented by intensely orange pistils and the turning of sugar leaves from green to purple.

These changes were accompanied by a smell so strong that it could be described as penetrating. The highly odorous scent was a terpene swirl of wood, heavy earth and pine needles with a hint of sweet lemon – the plants definitely showing  their Kush lineage. 

Harvested after nine weeks of flowering, the plants were 74cm and 85cm in height.


Harvest Yield 

The combined yield of these two plants was an impressive 193 grams.

Smell and Smoke Report

The stand out characteristic of the El Dorado OG plant was the “trichome bomb” buds and The Doc noted that it was as if the drying and curing process had only accentuated their excessive resin coatings. As for the smell, this too had retained its incredibly potent scent, with the earth-pine-lemon character now infused with a note of fuel.   

To test El Dorado OG, half a gram was mixed with a pinch of tobacco and rolled into a joint. The initial hit confirmed that combination of flavors with a spicy taste of concentrated pine and lemon. A faint bitterness, not unpleasant, added an extra dimension to the complex taste. “A dream of a true power flavor for fans of full-mouth Kush piquancy,” wrote The Doc of this taste sensation.

Paradise Seeds describe this strain as a good indica for day time and night time use and the effect certainly appeared to confirm this fact. This was no couch lock, stick-to-the-floor indica hit, but a slow release well balanced calm, relaxing but also focused. Yes, it was it was easy to lose a few hours in front of the TV screen binge watching a few episodes of the latest box set, but if there were tasks to be done then they weren’t a problem, with The Doc adding, “It made me glide through the day with a smile!”   


El Dorado OG has its own character – intensely aromatic and intensely resinous  An excellent addition to the Paradise Seeds stable, this is an indica that sits well in this trio of new strains. 

Cultivation data:


El Dorado OG (indica dominant)

Vegetative stage

four weeks (after germination)

Flowering stage

63 days / 60 days in general


Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots 




1.2–1.8 mS


up to 12 x SANlight S4W = 1680 watts



Air humidity



by hand


Organic Bloom Liquid + Organic More PK from Green Buzz Liquids


Living Organics, More Roots, HuminSäure Plus, Big Fruits, Fast Buds and CleanFruits from Green Buzz Liquids


CleanLight Pro for mould prevention


74and 85 cm


together, 193 grams


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