Charlotte the girl who helped discover CBD has sadly died

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Goodbye to Charlotte Figi the CBD girl

Thanks to Charlotte Figi (2006-2020) we now understand CBD and the importance of using cannabis oil for treating epilepsy in children.

Charlotte Figi died on April 7 of a cardiorespiratory arrest. The Colorado girl inspired the legal medical marijuana movement across America,.

Figi’s family had had the new coronavirus for a month. They did not meet all the symptoms necessary for the test which are rare worldwide. Specialists advised them to stay home and that if the symptoms worsened they would communicate again.

The whole family improved but Charlotte could not recover. On April 3, she went to intensive care at Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital.

They did the tests and they tested negative. On April 5 she returned home apparently after starting to improve. That was pointed out by Paige Figi, the mother of the teenager on her Facebook account.

Charlotte Figi, a great little fighter

“Her fighting spirit was kept as long as she could and eventually she passed in our arms peacefully,” the statement ended. Which was answered with hundreds of samples of affection and affection.

Charlotte’s case became known worldwide after her mother’s mission to get an effective medication to calm her severe epilepsy. She suffered it from the age of three months which is when she had the first attack.

At the age of five she moved into a wheelchair and she had 300 epileptic seizures a week. In 2012 her mother started giving her marijuana oils until it was officially produced as a medicinal formula named as Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers.

Of the 300 weekly attacks it went to three or four. Her case became known throughout the world. The documentary Weed was very important for the dissemination of her case There CNN showed her case.

Since then it has been a reference for thousands of mothers. Especially on the American continent. Mothers who do the impossible to give quality cannabis oil to their children. Children suffering from epilepsy and other disorders where cannabis alleviates or allows better survival.


Do you need help with a drugs related problem? Contact your local supportline as soon as possible. In case of immediate life threatening circumstances call 911 now!

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