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Pure energy

This plant is a fantastic auto with a good size and a satisfactory yield. It flowers in a few weeks and has an incredible potency. The buds it develops are huge, very dense, covered with a shiny layer of resin and give off a sweet, lemony fragrance. The effect caused on consumers makes it an ideal choice for lovers of energising Sativas.

The Sweet Seeds catalogue features a spectacular auto-flowering strain mainly of Sativa origin produced by crossing a Jack Herer auto from the bank’s I+D+I department with an elite clone of AK47. It is currently regarded among the most powerful autos on the market.

Jack 47 auto is very easy to grow and will reward the grower with giant and exquisite buds full of trichomes. This 3rd generation hybrid has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 20/80 and a THC concentration between 18 and 21%.

It flowers rapidly and is ready in just 9 weeks from germination. Plants can measure more than one meter, with yields ranging from 450-600 g/m2 indoors under lamps, and 50 to 200 g / plant outdoors in optimal conditions.

It has a great sweet and fresh flavour, with distinctive citrus and incense touches. Its high is very powerful and long-lasting. After consumption, it will immediately cause a very happy and lively feeling, stimulate the mind and relax the body.

Germination and growth

In a dark room, we germinated four seeds of Jack 47 auto between wet cloths. None failed and, in less than 48 hours, they had all germinated. Then, with the radicle downwards, they were directly planted in pots with a capacity of about 18 litres, which obviated any possible stress caused by moving plants from small pots to larger ones.

The seedlings’ cotyledons soon made their way to the surface – partially as a result of the heat produced by sodium lamps, which we initially placed at a distance of approximately 80 cm. As day passed, we reduced this distance to 45-50 cm maximum.

The photoperiod was set at 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. Growth was surprising. All the specimens advanced strongly and robustly towards the light and developed thick branches with a rather short internodal distance. At the first watering cycle, we added a root booster to favour the growth of a good root ball in the first weeks. We only added a specific growth fertiliser once or twice at the end of the growth phase.

Between the third and fourth week, long and white pistils started to grow on all specimens. We checked for the presence of pests or diseases on the plants and changed their diet. Fortunately, our Jack 47 specimens had no insect or mould problems.

Jack 47 Auto
Another spectacular bud.

Flowering stage

We stuck to a daily 20×4 light schedule for our plants to achieve their full potential. For several days, their stems and branches continued to grow long and thick. The internodal distance became shorter and shorter and, after a few days, the plants stopped to grow to focus all of their energy on the growth of flowers.

Their elongated pistils took on orange tones and piled up forming huge buds all over the aerial part of plants. They were very hairy and resinous. All measured about a metre in height and had a strong and robust structure. We hardly had to pay attention to them and they did not require a large amount of fertiliser.

We added a stimulator to the irrigation water several times and we only fertilised them once or twice during the whole fruiting period. Approximately two weeks before harvest, our plants underwent a good root wash, while we waited impatiently for the harvest day to arrive. In little more than 60 days, all of them were ripe and full of compact and heavy buds.

Jack 47 Auto
A side bud covered with pistils.


We followed the indications of Sweet Seeds and observed through the microscope that trichomes were mature. We hastened to trim all of the 4 grown specimens. The harvest was overwhelming, with very dense, hairy and big buds.

It looked as if those enormous buds had eaten up the underlying leaves, whose trimming was fairly easy and was completed in record time due to the rather low leave-to-bud ratio. The smell they gave off clearly confirmed that they had grown into spectacular Sativas. We hung the cut branches upside down and covered them with a tarpaulin in a dark, well ventilated room at a temperature below 20 º C and humidity of approximately 60%



We like virtually all strains but, most of the time, prefer Sativas to Indicas although, in this harvest, we did not have a great number of them. The Jack 47 Auto was one of the few Sativas we were going to have and did not disappoint us.

After two weeks in the drying room, we were able to see the remarkable features of this strain.

It was exceptional both in quantity and quality. Its aroma and taste were particularly sweet, with citrus notes.

The effect was very balanced, leaving the mind clear, relaxing the body and not devastating us at all. In essence,
it is an ideal strain that can be consumed during the day and leaves no signs of heaviness.

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