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I was sent some Amnesia CBD by Dinafem and told they were an excellent performer, with a cannabinoid profile of 8% THC and 10% CBD. The lineage is a cross of Amnesia XL with their Pure CBD stud, resulting in a flowering time of 9 weeks. After germinating one femenised seed, below is covered the weekly grow report.
Set Up: 
 Lighting: SANlight Q6W (215w)
 Medium: Coco, worm castings and perlite
 Pot Size: 11L fabric pot
 Nutrients: GHE Flora Nova Grow + Bloom
 Growing Period: 21 days
 Flowering Period: 67 days
 Yield: 182g dry

Grow Period – 18/6

The seedling emerges and after the first few days, I feed a mild nutrient solution of Flora Nova Grow. This nutrient is a very heavy mineral based nutrient, so the plants do not need a great deal at this stage. I foliar spray the plants with bottled water and keep her growing under 18/6. My hydrometer indicates the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius and my relative humidity is 68% with oscillating fans on.

By the end of the second week of growth, the seedling is 17cm in height with sativa looking top leaves. One more week to go before flowering, so I continue to feed 3ml per litre of the Nova Grow nutrient. The plant looks very healthy with a bright green glow.

On day 21 of 18/6, the plant is a height of 26.5cm with long fingered fan leaves. When gently rubbing the stem she has a distinct citrus aroma, with thin woody side branches. Training this strain up would really encourage a large sized bushy plant, which is a good note to remember for future.

Dinafem -CBD-Amnesia
A dense canopy of buds

Flowering Period – 12/12

After changing the light cycle to 12/12, the Amnesia CBD will begin to flower, so for nutrients I continue to feed the Nova Grow. Personally I always transition feed between the first few weeks of the stretching phase.

After the first week of flower the plant height is 39cm height and a width that is equally as wide. At the start of week 2, I switch the nutrient to Nova Bloom and start with a measurement of 3ml per litre. This lady is growing very fast and loves a big feed. There is an abundance of side branching making the Amnesia CBD structure a bushy, aggressively growing Cannabis plant.

As far as feeding, I will continue to feed 5ml per litre of the Nova Bloom and will cut the nutrient out for the last 20 days of flush. Day 25 of flowering and she has quickly shot up to a height of 67cm. A perfect plant height that has almost trebled in size.

Pre-flowers are now heavily appearing with some resin formation happening also. I expect judging from the growth structure and how compact she is, that this strain is a heavy yielding one. Feeding times are once a day, 3 hours after lights on, and then wait for the medium to be light and dry again before feeding.

By day 28 of 12/12, the stretching seems to have stopped and I can measure the plant height at 73cm with a bushy figure. Considering she is only growing in a 11L pot with zero training or pruning, the potential to grow Amnesia CBD to a massive size is easy.

The aroma of the flowering sites has a citrus and marmalade background and a sharp lemon bite. The trichomes are covering all buds and begin to create resin rails on the new growing leaves.

After week 5 and just over half way through the recommended flowering time, this lady is looking extremely healthy with an exotic waxy appearance. At this point the buds are really starting to form and frost us with long necked trichomes. Her calyx are stacking up beautifully and you can really see her true characteristics.

Day 45 and the flushing begins. Only plain water is now fed daily to allow all of the nutrients stored up to be used. This also improves flavour and ash quality once dried. The buds are frosty, greasy and stacking up with bright orange hairs.

After day 56, she is looking almost ready and one heavy yielding hybrid! There is a tremendous amount of sugar leaf forming as well making her a great choice for hash making. On day 59 I check her trichomes and notice 75% are dark amber. I will leave her for one more week until she is totally ready and let those resin covered calyx swell up a bit more.

I finally chop her down on the morning of day 65 and am most impressed with the quality and especially the quantity of CBD rich flowers. Considering she was growing in only 11L with organics and not trained, I would strongly recommend this strain to those in search of medical quality Cannabis.

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