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Crystaltea is the new brand owned by Crystal S.r.l., an Italian company producing and distributing CBD products under the well-known brand Crystalweed.

Crystaltea offers five types of herbal teas, each with specific beneficial effects, inspired by the names and powers of five crystals: Amazonite, Agate, Moonstone, Aquamarine and Rose Quartz.

There is a herbal tea for every need, i.e. relaxation, purification, draining, slimming and promotion of immune defences and concentration.

Each blend is made with herbs and roots from all over the world, which are carefully selected and placed into a biodegradable pyramidal teabag in order to ensure that vegetable parts have the necessary space to rehydrate so that the taste and properties of the individual ingredients become richer. Bags are then packaged in a simple and elegant way.

Herbal teas do not contain hemp, but just oil produced from ‘Humulus Lupulus’, an extract of hops, which comes from the same family as cannabaceae and, therefore, naturally contains cannabinoids and other active ingredients such as humulene and xanthohumol.

The essential oil of hops has excellent sedative properties, so much so that it is used in various therapies to combat states of anxiety, restlessness, nervous excitement and insomnia.

With Crystaltea herbal teas, consumers will enjoy a brand new experience with significant beneficial effects. Consumer safety, satisfaction and well-being are the strengths and absolute priorities of Crystal S.r.l.

For this reason, their brands have always been synonymous with high quality.


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