Kosmic Kitchen reopens at old address in Enschede with new interior

Kosmic Kitchen reopens at old address in Enschede with new interior
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Food for mind & body

Since 1996, smartshop Kosmic Kitchen in Enschede has been a popular spot for anyone searching for ‘food for mind and body’. Customers come to the popular shop from all over the world because of the excellent price/quality ratio and the expert advice they get from the Kosmic Kitchen team. After an extensive renovation at the familiar address with a brand-new interior, the shop is ready for the future.
Kosmic Kitchen reopens at old address in Enschede with new interior
As always, the shop at Korte Haaksbergerstraat 34 in the centre of Enschede is a hive of activity. Just 5 minutes from the train station, Kosmic Kitchen has been ‘the place to be’ for 22 years, with an amazing range of products and expert advice for any possible trip you have in mind. Because Kosmic Kitchen has it all. This smartshop not only has magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits on offer, but everything in the field of CBD products as well. It also has an extensive collection of herbs for those who want to experiment for themselves. And as mentioned before, the Kosmic Kitchen team has extensive experience and is always ready to provide you with expert advice.
Kosmic Kitchen reopens at old address in Enschede with new interior

Cannabis seeds

In addition to the smartshop area, Kosmic Kitchen offers a wide range of cannabis seeds. It has many leading seed banks in stock so that you have a wide choice for every type of grow & high. Autoflowering, Feminized, High CBD, Hybrids, it has it all. Of course, this also applies to any type of smoking equipment you are looking for; bongs, grinders, cigarette papers, you name it. Do you want information about vaporizers or E-smokers? No problem! Because Kosmic Kitchen has a great collection available.
Kosmic Kitchen reopens at old address in Enschede with new interior

Our Kosmic Journey

As we wrote before, the Kosmic Kitchen team has significant experience. Or, to put it in their own words: “For millions of years, people have found ways to alter their consciousness and to change the limits of their everyday perception using a wide variety of psychoactive concoctions. Just think of the Mayans, the Aborigines, the Native Americans and of course recent explorers such as Terence McKenna and Alexander Shulgin. We find this fascinating. That’s why we started Kosmic Kitchen in 1996. It was the first smart & headshop in the Eastern Netherlands. After more than 22 years we are still excited to continue our cosmic journey and give you all the service and information necessary to start your own cosmic journey. Cheers from our team and we hope to see you in our new shop at the old and familiar address!”
Kosmic Kitchen
Korte Haaksbergerstraat 34
7511 JS Enschede
Tel: +31(0)53 737 0261

Opening hours
Monday: 10.30 – 18.00
Tuesday – Friday: 10.30 – 20.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 20.00
Sunday: closed

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