Lemon Zkittle Highlife Cup overall winner of 2018!

Lemon Zkittle Highlife Cup overall winner of 2018!
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By Stoney Tark
The popularity of new strains emerging from California is overwhelming, and with a trend of boutique cannabis ranging from Cookies, Chem, Gorilla Glue, and purple hybrids, it seems terpene rich, high potency strains are in much demand in the hyper-competitive cannabis market. Dutch Passion has worked behind the scenes to create Lemon Zkittle. A THC powerhouse that is so terpene rich, you will instantly be a fan of this hybrid. Lemon Zkittle won 1st prize at the High Life Cup 2018 in the Sativa category and also won overall winner, making this strain the champion of champions!
Dutch Passion started this project using the original Zkittlez from America. In dispensaries, the cost of Zkittle flowers were around $35 a gram, and with THC levels soaring over 20% and a reputation as a versatile, heavy producer, it was the perfect blend to mix the Las Vegas Lemon with the Zkittle cut. The Las Vegas Lemon is a remarkably uniform and consistent plant, which derives from the Skunk family dating back as far as the 1980’s. The result is a 60% sativa which is an easy to grow, enormous yielding hybrid which will take 63-70 days to fully mature. This feminised hybrid has a high tolerance for stress and is a light hungry plant. When grown outside, growers can expect extra large harvests.
Lemon Zkittle Highlife Cup overall winner of 2018!
Zkittles is known for having a rich body of terpenes that smells like an open bag of lemon skittles, sat inside a car on a warm day. Until you get your nose into a bag of well-grown Zkittles that can be verified as the real deal, then you cannot begin to understand what all of the hype is about. The taste of Lemon Zkittle is much more profound and with more a sour, citrus edge thanks to the parental lineage both being dominant in the terpene Limonene.

Tests have shown that the THC levels are >20%, while Dutch Passion is proud to present this as one of their most potent creations ever. Lemon Zkittles is a well-balanced hybrid, and with a 60% sativa influence, the effects can be a soaring head high, that profoundly stimulates the mind, improving creativity and motivation. Thanks to her indica side, the blend makes for an extremely relaxing and invigorating physical effect. After a while, Lemon Zkittle has the power to send you into orbit with her high THC levels.
Between the mouth-watering aroma and oozing resin production, another great thing about Lemon Zkittles is her ability to yield. Her blend of indica and sativa allow this strain to grow copious amounts of flowers within ten weeks. Lemon Zkittle will grow large, elongated buds that are full with large, bright green flowers, covered in trichomes. Extractors and hash makers will fall in love with Lemon Zkittle and will find her to be an excellent addition to their library of flavours.

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