Rotten chicken smell leads officers to cannabis

£267,000 worth of cannabis found

267kg of cannabis resin was smuggled from spain in a frozen poiltry container. The haul was found in an industrial premises which is owned by two pensioners.

 “As the smell became worse other business in the area became concerned and reported an odour of what was described as rotting flesh coming from the unit.

“Attending officers confirmed that the smell coming from the unit was 'dreadful' and entry was forced to the unit due to a concern for life.

“The resin was contained within heat sealed packages and appeared to be covered in a blood-like detritus.

“This investigation involved the assistance of both the National Crime Agency and UK Border Force resulting in enquires being carried out at both a national and international level.

“During the course of the investigation both Kinkaid and Wright through some form of misguided loyalty failed to identify other parties involved in the importation of these drugs.”



Read the story in full here – smell-of-rotten-chicken-leads-police-to-250000-cannabis-haul-inside-essex-industrial-unit-a3100401

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