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Grow Report

Magnum Auto Flowering Strain

Strain: Magnum
Medium: Co Co and Perlite mix
Lights: Outdoor Grow
Nutrients: Bio Bizz Fish Mix, Wood Ash during flowering.
Yield:  64g

“I planted one seed from Buddha Seeds. This strain was called Magnum. This auto variety is meant to be a heavy producer for an automatic strain, so I was excited to grow this one out.

I started the seed off straight into a jiffy. I pushed the seed down the correct side up, then watered and left in a side house that stays warms all day. After a few days the shell had sprouted up and a fresh green shoot was now popping through the surface. I filled a mix of old co co and perlite and filled a big 15 litre bucket. I placed the jiffy into the bucket and watered through, till the bucket had a nice weight to it. To make sure the young seedling does not get dried out or attacked by pests, I place a pint size plastic cup over the plant. This will allow it to keep warm and wet, whilst it is fully protected.

The little seedling grew strong with dark red colours on the little thin stem. The bucket will be left in a place where around 14 hours of sun per day will shine. This strain grew fast with lots of small side branches. I am always disappointed when alot of autos do not side branch. This was a good trait in an auto so I was pleased so far.

For nutrients I am feeding only Bio Bizz Fish Mix as I like to use a one part base feed if possible. The feed is a heavy smelly fishy molasses mix. The plant loves it and the medium due to the heat, is warm and wet. Perfect like a sponge!

After the third week the plant was around 9 inches high but also squat and wide. I had tied town the top of the plant to let the side branches come through strong. After 30 days there were alot of pre flowers and flowering sites. Especially on the lower branches and side branches..so it looks like this strain will be a heavy yielder.

The smell is strong. Like Afghani # 1 but with a potent lemony lime smell that catches your attention. I am expecting the buds to be a real knock out judging from the smell. I start to feed alot and the leaves become dark green and very pointy. The plants has red veins all over now she is feeding like mad. It is now 5 weeks in so after 42 days of a potential 70 day harvest, I see this plant is a good strain. I like the height which is now just 15 inches but with main shoots making a small uniform bush.

Now I will add wood ash to my medium and continue to feed fix mix. I basically go to my garden and find wood from trees that I can burn. The great thing about burning wood is..you can obtain the materials for free and you can choose how much bio char to ash you want to use. I burn enough wood to make a small tub of half ash and half charcoal. I get some co co and mix it in to the ash and then create a one inch layer of the mix. I always find using ashes create a smooth wet taste..and the microbes in the medium have plenty of Carbon to feed on.

I am now feeding 4 times per week. 3 times nutrients and 1 feed distilled water. Between the heat and the plant, I am feeding 5 litres per time with 10ml of the fish mix. With around 4 weeks to go..the buds and new leaves are growing very well. The smell is really potent..almost sour lime but still strong Afghan. The trichome production is impressive and many buds forming with many new leaves. The colour of the plant is starting to purple and darken. Compared to some other autos I have, this strain is nearly 3 times the yield of these. I think in future I will grow alot more of these.

The ash really kicked the flowering into shape and now after 8 weeks, I was watching the buds swell and darken. I am really intrigued by the smell and am looking forward to testing. The side branching is very good and lots and lots of buds forming on all parts of the plant. To sway it around by the base , makes the heavy oily plant stink..and I get a smell to say harvest is not far now. For the last 14 days I feed only distilled water into the medium at 5 litres per feed. I see some yellowing on old leaves but new growth looks so wonderful. I wish I had alot more of these to make oil with. The trichomes are thick and sugary, yet really posses a strong lime terpine. After the first 7 day flush, alot more leaves are yellowing but the buds are big and tight. Silver and purple with dark green colours. The pistils are all golden brown and red. I feed this for the last time with 10 litres of distilled water. Now I will let the roots and whole plant dry out and really push for the last nutrients available, also it makes the harvest and drying period a little quicker.

After 68 days, I harvest this strain. Loads of thick buds at the bottom of the plant, also a strong flower set on the top. Trimming is quite simple and what sugar leaf I can save, I add to my collection box for a rainy day. I dry the buds out on a net and there is a real stench in the dry room. Sour lemon comes through strong. My first joint is tasty. Deep lime flavour and a nice ring of oil forming down the joint, where the ash burns. The high is strong. Kind of high where you lose your train of thought mid conversation! I become very thirsty and very hungry after a short while. Seems like a great strain for anyone who enjoys an indica style hit.

I weigh my yield and minus the occasional bud I smoked whilst drying..I end up with 64g dry. I would recommend this strain to anyone and is worth the wait! “

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