Police donate seized cannabis farm equipment to sustainable food scheme

Police have donated 2,000 plant pots and propagation trays seized following a raid on a cannabis farm to a community food scheme.


Officers handed over the confiscated haul after it was discovered at a large cannabis-growing operation in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Police unearthed the illicit farm that was cultivating nearly 2,000 plants, with a street value of £100,000, in a Failsworth flat.

Now all the equipment has been handed over to the town's Grassroots Community Project, which helps local residents grow their own food.

The scheme has transformed a previously derelict site into a community horticultural facility, with an orchard of 168 fruit trees, two 42-foot long polly tunnels to grow organic produce, bee hives and 40 chickens and ducks.

The allotment project also supports people with a disability to engage in horticulture and animal welfare.

Sergeant Paul Archers of Greater Manchester Police, said: “The Grassroots Community Project have been given plant pots and trays that were confiscated and I am sure they will make good use of them.”



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