Nowhere else on one place you can find so many cannabis industry companies.

The fair Cannafest was held in Prague for second time. Soft Secrets magazine was there of course and we can proudly say, that our lounge was really popular. Representatives of almost all exhibitors came to visit us, to rest at our bar and to talk about business. And the visitors took unbelievable amount of Soft Secrets issues in all language versions.

Nowhere else on one place you can find so many cannabis industry companies. Seed banks, manufacturers of equipment for growers, distributors of accessories, add huge amount of music and film shows and lectures on various topics – it is clear, that everyone had to enjoy it.

Almost 130 exhibitors from 14 countries (not from Europe only) took advantage of outstanding option to strenghten the position on the market, introduce new products and establish new partnerships. Their interest was also supported by the chance to place their name more in interest towards the east, to the perspective countries like Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine.



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