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Moby Dick

Grower Dinafem Seeds
Website Dinafem Seeds
Moby Dick is a feminised marijuana seed that has placed the seed bank Dinafem Seeds on the world cannabis map. Her mind-blowing effect, her extraordinary yield and her easy-to-grow properties have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a strain of worship. A Sativa-dominant hybrid that, although not very demanding in terms of care, is indeed super demanding in terms of light and nutrients. If you love the typical Hazey aroma, if you’re crazy about potent marijuana strains that border on psychedelia, and want incredibly heavy yields, give this killer whale a try. Because not for nothing is she a legend.

Lovers of extremely potent and productive cannabis strains.

Moby Dick has a very strong aroma. Those who have grown her describe it like “a pronounced aroma that mixes hints of lemon, species and incense with tones of Haze and cedar”. When asking her creator, the legendary breeder King Kush, he says that her famous whale smells like “the pew of an old church”. We’re sure each grower finds very particular nuances in our whale but there’s one thing they all agree on: Moby Dick showcases a strong and piercing fragrance with intense Haze notes standing out.

Moby Dick and her effect… Some people have compared the sensation caused by this strain to the strike given by the legendary whale of Herman Melville with its tail. Her effect is a very strong and extremely psychoactive Sativa effect that borders on psychedelia. But it’s also narcotic. Consuming this strain with an empty fridge is a big mistake because she’s sure to make you hungry like never before.

• 2nd prize -Indoor Professional category- at Copa Weedkend (Gijón, June 2017)
• 3rd prize -Outdoor category- at Copa Cannamex 2015
• “Girl of the year 2010” at THC Valencia 2011
• 1st prize -Outdoor category- at Copa El Punto 2007
• 2nd prize -Indoor category- at Summer Cup 2010
• 2nd prize -Indoor category- at Nafar Cannabis Cup 2007
• Best Sativa at SummerCup 2011 (The Canary islands)
• 1st prize -Indoor Sativa category- at Copa Bitox 2009
• 1st prize at Copa del Plata 2008
• 2nd prize at Copa de Ibiza 2008
• 3rd prize at the XI Copa Lanzarote 2010

Blue Dream

Grower Humboldt Seed Organization
Website Humboldt Seed Organization
Blue Dream cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization belong to a feminized Sativa-dominant cannabis strain derived from the cross between a Blueberry and a Super Silver Haze. The result is a highly regarded Californian hybrid that is famous for its pleasant fruity flavour, its earthy hints and its bluish hues.

Blue Dream grows in a beautiful medium-sized/big high-quality plant with a resistant structure that yields plenty of compact and resinous buds.

Its flavour and aroma are sweet and fruity, with notes of citrus, Haze and incense. The effect is clearly Sativa, starting with a cerebrally powerful high that evolves into a pleasant physical relaxation. Given its therapeutic properties, Blue Dream is loved by medical cannabis users: it is perfect to ease muscle pain and to cure insomnia.

Serious 6

Grower Serious Seeds
Website Serious Seeds

Serious 6 was created by crossing genetics from Canada with Sativa-landraces from Africa in a long process. She is very mold-resistant and will finish EARLY outdoors in a humid and cold climate at the end of September. Outdoors she grows tall and slender with full buds with very few small leaves and a particularly thick layer of cristals. Half of the plants will show beautiful pink pistils. At the end of flowering these pink colors are substituted by purple colors of the calyxes and leaves. The Serious 6 is an almost pure Sativa with a very short flowering time. The aroma of Serious 6 is built up in layers; citric, anise, spicy are only a few of the recognizable aromas. Her effect is a cristal clear head-high, which will get you active and creative. Right after its market-release Serious 6 won its first award: 2nd place at the Highlife Cup in Amsterdam in the category BIO-weed and 3 month later in Sept. 2013 it won its second award: 3rd place in the category Sativa at The Expogrow-Cup in Irun, Spain. This strain has very good medicinal properties against axienty and as a mood- (e.g. against depression) and appetite-enhancer (e.g. to cope with nausea from chemo-therapy). In 2016 this variety was voted ‘Outdoor Guerilla Growers Plant of the year’ by the users of the UK420 forum!

Name: Serious 6
Genetics: almost pure Sativa
Breeder: Simon from Serious Seeds
Producer: Serious Seeds
Height: tall growing with typical Sativa-stretch
Yield: very good yield (400-550g/m2)
Flowering time (Indoor): 55-60 days
Harvest time Outdoor/Greenhouse: End of September
Price: € 50,- for 11 regular or 6 feminised seeds

Blue Haze

Grower Zamnesia Seeds
Website Zamnesia Seeds
Exceptionally flavoursome and potent, Blue Haze from Zamnesia Seeds is a hybrid strain of discerning character and sophistication. A choice mix of Blueberry and Haze strains, Blue Haze manages to draw out the very best from both sides. Her shortened flowering time of just 9 weeks leaves other haze strains for dust!
As soon as you take your first hit of Blue Haze your taste buds are treated to a mouth watering mix of berries, citrus and other various sweet undertones. In terms of the experience, Blue Haze induces an incredibly euphoric and uplifting high- be warned, too much and you’ll be swept off into dreamland in a snap. This ‘high’ potency not only makes Blue Haze appealing to recreational users but medical marijuana patients too. Suffers of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, pain and lack of appetite will find this particular strain remarkably effective in easing their symptoms.
As Blue Haze matures her beauty does as well, sprouting purple buds with an icy blue tint. Her tall and slender stature can be attributed to the fact she is a hybrid strain with both indica and sativa tendencies (the latter in this case).

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