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Critical + 2.0

Grower Dinafem Seeds
Website Dinafem Seeds
Critical + 2.0 is the improved version of one of the most famous cannabis icons and she’s undoubtedly brought about a major revolution for all fans of Critical +. At Dinafem Seeds, we already knew where we wanted to get with this strain and, to do so, we crossed the Critical + with a moisture-resistant phenotype. The result of such process is a feminised cannabis seed, with clear Indica dominance, that reinforces the original traits showcasing a better aroma, yield and resistance to moisture and plagues. No doubt her extraordinary features have been well consolidated in this version. She’s got it all! And, on top of that, her origins are the best guarantee of success.

Cannabis growers seeking a high-end hardy, heavy-yielding, tasty and powerful marijuana strain.

Critical + 2.0 delivers a powerful, relaxing and long-lasting sensation that is more physical than cerebral. A slightly soothing and restful effect gets into your body and takes you to a highly relaxed state.

Critical + 2.0 delivers very intense sensations perceivable through the senses. The range is so wide that it’s as if we were in front of a selection of cannabis delicacies. Near her, you’ll notice how the whole atmosphere is filled with a strong, fresh and strong aroma of lemon, pine and species. Take a drag, close your eyes and let yourself be surprised!

Brooklyn Mango

Grower Dr. Underground
Website Dr. Underground
“Brooklyn Mango is undoubtedly our favorite plant in the catalog. With a bloom of 8 to 9 weeks perfectly combines the mango flavor with the diesel background, which is very reminiscent of the East Coast Sour Diesel. The effect is the best, pure happiness in each puff, laughter after laughter and that feeling of well-being only comparable to the love of a mother. For this we use our mother Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, we reverse and pollinate a NYC Diesel phenotype that, today, is the closest thing to the East Coast Sour Diesel cut  that I have tried. As a result we have a plant, strong, vigorous, fast, resistant that also provides a profile of unique terpenes, organoleptically is incomparable, and its production seems crazy.

There is not a photo that can express all the goodness of this variety, and sometimes it is even difficult to explain it, so we recommend giving it a try, it’s not about our super sales, nor about the second most sold in our catalog, it’s about the great unknown, who tries it, falls in love, you just have to read social networks.

For those who want to try it we recommend caution with the smell, the diesel is very strong and above the mango aroma it accentuates it. Outside, give a lot of soil, its production multiplies.”

Amherst Sour Diesel

Grower Humboldt Seeds Organization
Website Humboldt Seeds Organization
This cannabis plant belong to a feminized strain from Mendocino (California) derived from a Chemdawg and an Amherst Super Skunk. This is a strong, robust and powerful hybrid with a short flowering and a really high yield.

Amherst Sour Diesel develops wonderful, medium-sized/large marijuana plants, with a strong, fairly open structure and with long thin leaves. It thrives, making it convenient control their indoor growth in order to have enough space during the flowering. Her many long branches holds big compact buds, completely coated in resin. It has excellent aromatic qualities and taste, and quality crops are obtained quickly and easily.

Amherst Sour Diesel has an intense aroma and rich flavour, with notes of Diesel, fruits, exotic woods and oil. Its powerful effect is cerebral, stimulating and euphoria-producing. It is ideal for a good time with friends. Suitable for medical use.

Skunk XL

Grower Royal Queen Seeds
Website Royal Queen Seeds

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Skunk XL is the rightful heiress to the Skunk throne. The original hybrid blend of Afghan, Colombian, and Mexican genetics is ganja that changed the game back in the 1980s. Skunk XL is Royal Queen Seeds’ homage to the perfect sinsemilla specimen, capturing the essence of old-school Skunk and refining the line to meet the demands of the contemporary cannabis connoisseur.

The best hybrids are those that come closest to achieving the 50:50 indica:sativa genetic equilibrium. Skunk XL has been specifically engineered and stabilised to strike this perfect balance. Nothing compares to the full-spectrum dominance of Skunk XL.

Indoors or outdoors, Skunk XL is every cannabis cultivator’s dream strain. Tremendous hybrid vigour, resilience, and consistently heavy harvests will make growers of all levels her loyal subjects for countless crops. Whatever kind of grow-op or garden you’re running, it could be better if you were growing some Skunk XL. Plants typically mature to a manageable height of 1.5m tall, and require just 7–8 weeks to finish flowering.

Big, beautiful buds covered in orange and red hairs with the loudest aroma are hallmarks of high-grade weed. And we owe it all to Skunk. Before Skunk, there was schwag. Spark a spliff of Skunk XL and keep the embers of the first “fire” burning. The velvety, earthy fog goes down smooth and leaves a sweet, fruity aftertaste on the exhale. Skunk XL hits you with a balanced head-body high that’s always the perfect stash for any session. Long live the Queen of Skunk.

Sticky Monkey GG#4

Grower Seedstockers.com
Website Seedstockers.com
Sticky Monkey GG#4 is a premium quality USA feminized photoperiod variety made from original Gorilla Glue #4 genetics by a breeder that specialises in producing THC rich varieties suitable for concentrate fans. Many good varieties will produce 15-20% rosin (concentrate) from the buds, but Sticky Monkey GG#4 should deliver around 30%, this is a very special variety with an unusually rich ‘chemical’ taste. Its a homogenous indica dominant variety suitable for large scale grows with medium hight plants and a flowering time of 65 days. With a 70% indica heritage the buds are dense and plentiful, she will grow well outdoors in areas with mediterranean climates. Indoors this variety suits only experienced growers, Sticky Monkey GG#4 is a sensitive variety that doesn’t like stress, excessive heat fluctuations or sudden environmental changes or she can produce male flowers. But get the conditions right and this is one of the most potent varieties in the Seed Stocker collection made from very special genetics. Highly recommended.

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