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Dinamed CBD

Grower Dinafem Seeds
Website Dinafem Seeds
Dinamed CBD is a CBD-rich feminised cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds born from the cross of two Pure CBD 4. We have spent two years selecting, crossing and stabilizing this unique cannabis strain until we could guarantee she presented incredibly high CBD levels and hardly any THC-derived psychoactive effects.

It´s ideal for those who enjoy cannabis but don’t like her psychoactive effect, as well as those who need cannabidiol to alleviate their ailments.

Some of the clear Sativa traits of Dinamed CBD are her amazing vigour and her tendency to grow upwards. She needs some 60 days to complete the flowering stage. If we’re cultivating outdoors, we must carefully select the best date to start our crop so that we can harvest it by mid-September.

Given her incredibly high CBD content, and low THC content, Dinamed CBD is a plant with no psychoactive effects. The studies that bring to light the many therapeutic properties of cannabis, particularly of CBD, are becoming increasingly numerous.

Dinamed CBD stands out not only for being the one and only strain in our catalogue with no psychoactive effect, but also for her deliciously sweet and fruity orangey taste.

1st prize in the “Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016, held in Cadiz.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel®

Grower Dutch Passion
Website Dutch Passion
Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa dominant variety with high CBD levels of 10-16% and low THC levels, always below 1%. It’s a non-psychoactive variety offering medical benefits without the traditional cannabis ‘high’, delivering a strong body effect and a calming, anti-anxiety experience. She takes 9-12 weeks to flower and comes with a herbal aroma and piney diesel undertones. Genetics come from Dutch Charlotte (a CBD rich clone) crossed with Red Angel (clone-only Amsterdam CBD variety). Charlotte’s Angel is popular with cannabis lovers that want to enjoy a joint without getting stoned and is suitable for making concentrates. You get a satisfying experience with the same taste and aroma as a high-THC variety. You feel medicated, yet you are not high and the craving to get high simply disappears. It gives the user a positive feeling of well-being, it is almost impossible to explain unless you’ve tried it! Dutch Passion’s first low THC variety, CBD Charlotte’s Angel®!

Solodiol Autofloreciente

Grower Elite Seeds
Website Elite Seeds
With its automatic Solodiol, Élite Seeds was the first seed bank that achieved the genetics of a feminised autoflowering CBD rich marihuana plant that can reach levels of 21% CBD without crossing the level of 1% THC.

For years Élite Seeds has experience with autoflowering genetics because of their many advantages: they don’t need a reduction in light hours to form buds, they are easy to cultivate, fast in harvesting and they occuppy little space. A small balcony or terrace will suffice to supply for home consumption.

Being specialists in developing cannabis varieties with specific cannabinoid contents, we decided to create an autoflowering marihuana variety that wouldn’t reach 1% of THC, would have a high CBD content and that would be attractive to cultivate, both for its original cannabinoid contents as for the advantages of automatic plants as commented above. Starting from two completely different strains rich in CBD, one originates from Afghanistan and the other from asia, with the second strain discovered by our own laboratories, we were he first seed bank to offer the autoflowering “Sólo CBD” variety without exploiting the same gene pool, avoiding as such excessive inbreeding.

It is a medium sized plant with a small internodal distance with an attractive aroma. Its effect is very interesting for those who would like to enjoy the taste of cannabis without feeling its psychoactive effects. It works ideal as well as a substitute for tobacco and as a base for mixes with hashish or extractions.

Green Crack CBD

Grower Humboldt Seeds Organization
Website Humboldt Seeds Organization
Green Crack CBD cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seed Organization are born thanks to a thorough selection process carried out by the expert breeders working at HSO, who, using their instincts and backed by the most innovative technology, have created the CBD version of one of the most legendary Californian marijuana genetics on earth: Sweet Skunk (AKA Green Crack). It is basically a CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with all the original traits and CBD properties boosted.

Green Crack CBD belongs to a new generation of cannabis seeds for therapeutic purposes that represents a major step forward in the field of cannabinoids. By creating such a line, Humboldt Seed Organization aims to put at everyone’s disposal its most legendary genetics with all the therapeutic benefits of CBD and a more moderate effect.

With a fast vegetative growth and vigorous structure, Green Crack CBD performs marvellously with SCROG, presenting large spacing between nodes and a strong rooting system. There’s no doubt that it is a high-end cannabis strain in every respect since it not only produces incredibly large amounts of resin, but it also displays amazingly beautiful hues if exposed to low temperatures at night.

Green Crack CBD’s flavour won’t leave anyone indifferent. There will be no one capable of resisting the delicious mango, pine and pepper mix it offers. Its moderate effect, low in psychoactivity, provokes a pleasant euphoric sensation that takes time to disappear. Not being so potent, everyone will be able to enjoy it without having to worry about it interfering with their daily routine.

Royal Medic

Grower Royal Queen Seeds
Website Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Medic: The Green Physician To The Queen


Royal Medic is not your average medical cannabis strain. The master breeders at RQS were determined to create a CBD-rich cannabis strain without compromise. Royal Medic is the greenery that graduated from the royal college of medical cannabis.  Rigorous breeding and selection weeded out all subpar specimens. Those few elite cultivars that remained were successfully hybridised.

European cannabis legends Critical+ and Juanita la Lagrimosa come together in this amazing one of a kind medical cannabis strain. Indoors or outdoors in warmer climates, medical cannabis cultivators of all levels of experience can expect a huge payload of dense CBD-rich buds with just a little basic grower TLC.

Flowering is fast and furious. Plants may stretch to 1.5m tall by the time long-running colas are ready for harvest in just 8-9 weeks. Royal Medic is a top-tier performer in all kinds of grow-ops from organics to hydroponics. We are talking top level performance across all the metrics that matter to the medical cannabis grower.

Royal Medic is a near balanced 1:1 CBD:THC ratio variety that has a growing cult following amongst the still mostly underground European medical cannabis community. As a sativa-dominant hybrid with a mild psychoactive effect Royal Medic is the perfect daytime medical cannabis strain. Her complex fruity hash-like flavour helps the medicine go down. Now there is no good reason for the medial cannabis connoisseur to ever settle for less again.

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