Women in Cannabis: Sara Dritz-Villagran

Stephen Andrews
16 Sep 2022

We talked to Sara Dritz-Villagran, Customer Success Manager for Stashstock LLC, an American Traceability Technology Company of Cannabis. She shared with us her story, her beginnings in the sector, we have talked about mental health, and the valuable contribution of women in the cannabis sector.

Stashstock LLC, the company where Sara works, has created software to monitor the inventory of plants and crop packages. They have also created a large label factory that helps create compliance labels, a sales and packaging platform, as well as reports that help track trends, results and predictions about the growth of past and future crops.

The Beginning

Sara was a nanny for more than ten years before starting her career in the world of cannabis. Just before the pandemic began, she got a part-time job in a dispensary. One day a week she worked at the reception and was learning more and more about cannabis.

Five months later, she left her babysitter work to work full time in the dispensary. She was promoted to floor manager. Shortly after, Sara wanted to continue growing in her career in cannabis and began as a client's success manager for a cannabis traceability technology company. On August 30, she hit her first year at that company, and she claims to be very excited to continue expanding in the cannabis field.

Cannabis and Mental Health

Sara has been a cannabis user for many years. She fought against depression and anxiety. "The cannabis allowed me to stop taking antidepressants, and although I am not against them, they were not working for me", said Sara highlighting the great value of cannabis for her. "With cannabis, I could explore and dwell in my emotions in a different and more natural way than I felt with Western medicine," she says on the benefits of the plant. "I love the flower more, it is my favorite way of consuming cannabis," she continues. "However, for my depression or when I have anxiety, a low dose edible CBD/THC is an excellent way to relax, without an intense high. I love that edibles have a more lasting sensation, but flower will always be my number one.”


When we ask her how she feels working in the cannabis industry, Sara tells us: “Being able to start a career in the industry of a plant that helped me change my life was one of the most exciting things for me. I felt as soon as I started working that I connected well with people, and I appreciate the lifestyle and the growth potential offered by the industry.” Sara feels undoubtedly very lucky to be part of the cannabis industry: “Within cannabis, there are unlimited spaces for career opportunities, and the possibilities continue to grow. I can't wait to see where this industry takes me and where it can grow,” she says.

In our conversation, Sara has made an extremely interesting reflection in relation to the values ​​and skills that can be transposed towards work in the cannabis industry: “The endless potential I see in cannabis is because it is a growing territory. I feel that any potential that someone has in another career can apply it to cannabis. For example, I was a babysitter before, which does not have much to do with cannabis. However, my compassion and patience with children has translated into an exceptional career in cannabis for me. I can execute the training and help customers with any problem, that comes from the patience and compassion of having been a nanny. I think this can be applied to anyone who wants to move to cannabis space. Think about the strengths it offers and there will be a place for that in cannabis.”

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Values ​​and skills

Talking to Sara about the values ​​and skills she contributes in her work, she has made clear the importance of dedicating the necessary time to people. “I think my compassion and patience have helped me greatly grow in my work in the cannabis industry. I feel that when I was in the dispensary, many customers would remark for how gentle and affectionate I am. I was always there to really listen to their needs before offering different products. Building relationships has helped me immerse myself in my new career. Now, with the client's success manager job, it is my responsibility to keep customers around, and part of why I do it well is because I am really taking the time to meet with everyone while I offer support. I am making the technical side of this job a bit more human and personal,” she describes.

Women in the sector

Sara tells us that there are many women working in the Cannabis sector, however, she also says that she has found that the sector is mostly dominated by men. “I see that men dominate the side of the crop and also the side of the retail distribution. Even in my work, most of the contacts most other people I work with are men,” she tells us. And what are the advantages and the contributions of women? She is swift to answer: "I see that there is a special link when talking to women in the field of cannabis, I see many more entrepreneurs who enter the sector, which has been very exciting.”

This disparity always lingers on, however. “I had an unpleasant experience with a co-worker in my last job when other men were being promoted and I was the only woman. However, to be honest, that helped me push myself to the next level and find a new work opportunity in which my strengths could be celebrated instead of being judged because of my gender. Both good and bad things can trace your path in life, and it was time for a change in my career with cannabis. I feel grateful for what happened, although it was difficult. I am constantly encouraging other women to find their place in this sector,” said Sara.

She adds: "With women entering cannabis, I am seeing many positive changes. More products are being designed and marketed for women which is really great. I think there is another level of potential and compassion that women bring to the sector. It brings closer mothers, grandmothers and other cannabis users. This is very exciting because everyone wants to see someone like them in this space, so the more variety of people we can use, the better for the industry."

Talking with Sara has been a real pleasure. We knew how valuable it can be for a person to work in this industry, and how valuable it is for the industry to integrate more women. "Cannabis completely changed my life. My mental health, my husband and I joined for cannabis, and now my career. I can't wait to see what the future of cannabis brings," concludes Sara.

Interview by Elisabeth Erhardt

Stephen Andrews